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Mushroom Pasta – Easy Peasy

It has been a while since I last post a recipe. This is an easy one if you will.

All u need are as follows.


1 can of button mushroom. U can use whole or u can slice it.

1 small cup of minced chicken. (chicken goes well with carbonara sauce)

1 can of carbonara sauce (u can get it from the supermarket – just use any brands u like)

How to do it.

Boil your pasta el dente.

Heat 2 table spoon vegetable oil in a pan and brown your minced chicken.

Pour in ur can of carbonara sauce.

Put in the button mushroom and stir hem for a minute or three.

Put it ur pasta and mixed ’em well.

Add a pinch of salt and pepper to ur desired taste. If u have mixed spices u can add it on otherwise forget it.

In about 1 or two minutes ur pasta is ready.

Serve it with slices of garlic bread if u want it.

Tadaaaa..ur pasta is ready.




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