About Fishing – Surfcasting

So you wanna start land based fishing eh.

Ok. I call it surfcasting. It is generally a land based fishing hobby where you fish from the beach, on a jetty/pier facing the sea or on rocky areas on the beach.

To be effective you have to gear yourself appropriately. Long rods measuring 10 – 15 feet, a good fishing reel coupled with the appropriate fishing line, sinkers and rigs.

The long rods will help you cast further into the rushing waves and having cast very far it will ease you retrieve the fish you hooked or when you simply want to retrieve your tackle to check your bait.

The choice of reels depends to your likings. Many seasoned surfcasters prefer multiplier reels as it help them cast very far. However a good long spool spinning reel could also do the job well. Bear in mind that good gear may not promise good casting distant if you do not learn the proper techniques of distant casting. While there are so many techniques around, for fishing it is sufficient if you could master the overhead cast technique. This is the easiest and quite a safe technique to master.

Getting a seasoned surfcaster to teach the techniques is a good thing to do. They can shorten the learning curve and they could also help in teaching the other casting techniques that could reach better distance. The video will demonstrate the overhead cast technique.


p.s. To the owner of the video..thank you for sharing


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