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The postmortem crap

Malaysia again failed in its endeavor to win the Thomas Cup. After the shock defeat to Japan, so many people gets so upset and started calling names to players who failed to win. We have never failed to beat Japan some says. My thought was Malaysia was at disadvantage when Nigeria gave a walkover. So some of the players perhaps did not get the chance to warm up and gear themselves mentally to the environment they are going to experience. Yes they have many times face it but this time it is the Thomas Cup where they are playing at home and everybody including BAM themselves thought we can win it! A pak cik who share the table with me for breakfast even told me that he spat at his TV and then had an argument with his wife hahaha. I told him to relax as Malaysia will win against  Denmark, god willing. Theplayers dah panas dah, I said.

So we won against Denmark and met China in the semis which was supposedly to be the ‘Finals’. Well we get what we wanted earlier than expected. To me baik kalah dengan China kat semis dari kalah dengan Indonesia in the other semis. (If we have beaten Japan, we wud be on the other semis i.e.meeting India first  in the quarterfinal). But the organizer rugi la coz ticket sales dropped tremendously for the premature ‘ejaculation’ hahahaha

China turnout to become the champ rather easily. All the matches they played to the final were easy for them. Yes. they were unbeatable during the tournament. The so called strongest rival in the Malaysian team was also whitewashed by them. All in straight sets.

Blakang bila sudah kalah kat Malaysia ni biasa la mau postmortem. Apa2 game pon sama sebenarnya. The officials were the loudest. Sebelum tournament pun sama, lepas tournament pun sama. Kalau menang lagi lah bising. What is there to postmortem? Ooooo to look for scape goats la ye. So yang akan kena are the players and coaches. Officials will be spared their seats in the office. Selamat. Why. I am not the one who played, they will say hahahaha.

So dorang pun kata la coach tak reti. Players tak semangat and whatever lagi lah. Pastu decide tuka coach la. Cari coach lain la and all that jazz. Hello. Didn’t the players selected were all based on their merits and rankings? If you want to say they did not played with integrity atau semangat I think you are all very stupid. Kalau kita tengok Hafiz main muka dia macam nak control hensem, tu kan style dia. Ade ke the backups yang kurang nak hensem boleh kalahkan dia main dengan muka selamba n hensem2 gitu hahaha. They are all senior players who have at one time or the other won some majors and at home the order in the ranks are what we see today. So who is to be blame? Those were the best we have but in the Thomas Cup not good enough to beat China. We wanted to be in the Finals and expected to meet them. Didn’t we get to meet them? It was in the semis, so what? It is still China damn it! Bodo la dorang tu. Nak posmortem- postmortem pulak. Back hand kang hahahaha.

So to Malaysia players and coaches. I may not be with many who have cursed you all. But I believe you have tried you can to overpower your opponents. I don’t think you want to lose. I don’t think the coaches prepared you to lose your matches. We were indeed frustrated to see you lose. We were destined to lose. You have to do your best and that was the best you have done. Not getting the Thomas Cup is not the end of your career. Lets try again in the next tourny. Lets learn from China. Lets us learn how they go from strength to strength. Lets look at Denmark. How could they maintain their consistency despite their age. Let us look at Taufiq Hidayat. Isn’t he still a name to be reckon with at his age?

So sapa2 la yang sibuk nak postmortem-postmortem tu, all of you are responsible as well dude. We have the best squad to win the Thomas Cup but China is even better in all departments. Go postmortem why China are so strong la.

Tak payah la find the scape goats. Bla la lu hahahaha



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