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Whiting Fishing in Malaysia

I am a whiting fishing enthusiast.  It may not be a big game fishing but the thrill the fish gave when hooked is simply awesome despite its size.

This has always be my favorite fishing on the surf beaches of Malaysia especially on the west coast. Generally this species will come to shore during neap tides and fishing them is blissful while waiting for the biggies to swallow my bait.

I will normally use two rods, one for the big game and the other for this fun whiting. To fish whiting my simple and favorite technique is using the paternoster rig with small hooks of size 11-12. As opposed to the big game rod, the one I used for whiting fishing as normally 10-12 feet rod with fast action. Whiting as I has observed is somewhat clever (they say fish has no brains?). The best style of fishing is to cast about 50 meters out and slowly retrieving it. But when there is a lot of whiting, just cast into the school of whiting and you can just wait. In less than two minutes you will see action at the tip of your rod.  If one is lucky he could hook 50 whiting in only about 1 hour, a feat I have personally achieved in Teluk Rubiah in Lumut. I have also witness the same in the beach near Lumut town. Best bait would be the rag worms.

Whiting is a good eating fish. Some of my Chinese friends will use it to make laksa or sour noodles. If deep fried it is so sweet and crispy if eaten when it just left the frying pan. Yummy!

Anyhow if you are fishing whiting, try your best to spare the little ones and release them as soon as possible so that they could live another day for future whiting fishing bliss.


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