Fishing Tips – The Most Important Fish Catching Tips

In this article I’m going to outline the most important fishing tips, which have been learned through more than fifty years of combined fishing experience. It seems to me that fishing tips are a dime a dozen, but these tips have been proven to be effective in real world fishing situations. Steven Wright said of us anglers that, “there’s a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore looking like an idiot”. I couldn’t agree more, and this article will help you avoid the latter part of that quote.

I’m going to list these powerful fish catching tips in no particular order of importance. They are all effective and should be employed sooner, rather than later. Most of these tips are for the river and/or stream angler, but can be easily modified and implemented into any anglers regime. Let’s get down to business, shall we?

  • Pay Attention To Your Hands – As anglers, many times we don’t pay enough attention to our hands, and more importantly the scents that might be on our hands. You see, these scents transfer to your bait or lure and if the fish detect any unnatural scents, they tend not to bite. This is especially true with larger, more experienced fish. A good practice is to grab a handful of grass or dirt and rub it into your hands before baiting up. This will effectively eliminate any unnatural odors that might be on your hands.
  • Pay Attention To Your Rod – When is the last time you cleaned your fishing rod? For example, taken a q-tip dipped in WD-40 and cleaned the inside of your eyelets? Doing this once or twice a year will increase your casting distance and reduce any extra friction on your line. This simple tip will amaze you with the difference it makes.
  • Pay Attention To Your Hooks – If you’re a live bait angler (especially live worms) your hooks are of the utmost importance. You should always use gang hooks for your live bait fishing. Gang hooks are simple a pair of small hooks tied in tandem, which enable live bait, especially live worms, to be presented in an outstretched and natural manner, which makes a big difference in bite rates. If you want to catch more fish, make sure you employ gang hooks whenever you’re bait fishing.
  • Pay Attention To The Weather & Moon – Many anglers overlook these two forces of Mother Nature, but they shouldn’t. The weather & moon have as much to due with us catching fish as the type of bait or lure we choose to use. Learning the ways in which the weather and moon impact fishing is an extremely important fish catching tip. This may be the most important tip contained in this article.

The bottom line is these fishing tips will help anyone become a much more successful angler. When it comes to fishing tips, these are extremely simple, yet amazingly effective. How am I so sure of this? Simply because I’ve personally been using every single one of them for more than twenty years and know how effective they are, and if they work for me, they will work for anyone.


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