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The Hot Hot World – From my blurry vision

Of late we have heard a lot about the world’s temperature is fast rising due to many reasons mostly due to human acts.  To this, I do not wish to see anymore further but that in my homeland, Malaysia.

I could still recall the early seventies when my late dad retires from the British Army. When we moved back to Taiping, my brother and I have to wake up very early of the dawn to take our bath at grandma’s perigi. It was so chilly that we could see our mouth keluar asap when we talk. The icy perigi water makes us felt good after the bath. The sight of the kampungs were flush with greeneries and temperature in midday was not really that hot as we were always protected by shades of trees.

As we were from Singapore, we could actually feel the vast difference in temperature we were in. Singapore was quite hot as there were less trees. Over the weekends our parents took us to eat out at the seaside to enjoy the cooler breeze. Whenever we have the chance to visit grandma, we knew we were going to have ice bath every morning and even evenings which we actually were quite reluctant.

Times goes by, we bade farewell to grandma and moved to Kuantan as our late dad got a job there. We were right smack in the Kuantan town and as Kuantan is a coastal town, we find out that the town is much warmer. Walking back from school during midday was torturous. However during the monsoon season when the rain does not stop for weeks, it was nice. The best thing I could remember during the rainy season is the aromatic scent of fried ikan kering that people consumed as during the period fresh fish was hard to come by as the fishermen dare not venture the rough seas during the season. Hmmm…gulai ikan kering dengan nenas, ikan kering goreng cili was a delicious delicacy.

Temperature in places I stayed became warmer every year. Until this very day I found out that it is also warm even after the rain especially in Kuala Lumpur. It is a usual sight to see houses today have at least 1 unit of air condition just to ensure they have cooler space to rest if the weather is damn hot. In the early nineties, the auditor who audited my sales forecast for air conditioning units did not believe me that air condition units will sell like hot cakes in 10 years. I told him that the rising temperature was the rationale I forecast as such. Even my MD did not believe me! I proved them wrong! Their sales, increased more that the figure suggested by the auditor and agreed by my management. Obviously they cannot  meet market demand and lost their economics and financial opportunity to competitors.

Now. Why is the world’s temperature is rising? Well just look around us and compare our environment today with that we had many years ago. We had lesser greeneries around us. Many so called green lungs has been developed for properties. Hillsides were shaved off and some even disappear from sight. All of these are for the development of mankind and the ever increasing population. Demands were synthetically created with advertising hype. Less trees, less hills and the clouds that bring rain has to travel further and with the thinning ozone,it may just evaporate. Dark clouds today could only be false alarm for a downpour. The air that is blowing into our face became hotter. But who is it to take the blame? We need development don’t we? We needed to use it to build our economic strength didn’t we? Nothing can change that except ourselves. Lets do what we can ourself. Our baby steps could moderate the rising heat. I myself have planted trees around my house. No. Not the palm trees. But trees that can provide shades during hot days. Let us put back the mangga trees, the rambutan trees or whatever. If it didn’t cool the country at least it will cool your house.

Just my blurry vision.



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