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I am an inverse paranoid

I used to be a paranoid. Whatever bad things that happened to me, i thought the world was planning to do fail me. I sat down and gave a good thought about it and i today have learnt to become an inverse paranoid. Now whatever things that I could not achieved was a blessing in disguise. A good example was a trip to NY cancelled not long ago. I was planning like hell and have saved enough money to have my family and I spent our vacation in NY. Then came the World Trade Centre crashing and all plans were cancelled. It was an opportunity loss to me and my family as we have longed for a life in NY. It will be a good 2 weeks vacation!

Little that I knew that the savings made became the money well spent on the renovation for the new house I just bought. I did not borrow a single sen to pay my contractors. From there on, I came to compromise on every little things or scenario that opposes my plan. When I quit my lucrative consulting business to start a therapy center, I got a lot of negative feedbacks. I turned them into positive opportunities and i got it right most of the times.  For example, the location of my center that were located in an unpopular area turn out to be a plus point for me as my rental is cheaper. With lower cost I am able to throw in lots of sweetener to bring customers to me.  My pricing stategy is second to none and my services are truly holistic. I focused more time on one single customer and at the end of the day, they were all happy to return for the next therapy session. My strategy locks them. Less time and money to spend on promotion as good service helps me get new customers by referrals.

I have even shared my philosophy with my clients, and started to inculcate it into their life. A patient that came to see me carrying with him a 30 year old injury felt “cure” after my therapy and share of philosophy. He left my center feeling better physically and emotionally.

I met an under achieving college drop out who was good at playing guitar. I have asked him to turn to music by attending formal music lessons, and today he is sittng for his eighth grade. He is now earning a good 4 figure income just teaching kids to play guitar on part time basis. 

I taught a janitor to learn foot reflexology and today she could get at least RM 500 more a month by providing foot reflexology therapy in her neighbourhood during weekends.

You would wanna try this. Sometimes it is hard but if you are upbeat and focused with what you want to achieve, you will not fail.


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