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Misrepresenting our parents


It is hard being a parent. Harder if you have many children.

When we grew up,  we depended so much on our parents. My wife told me that the baby in her tummy were kicking hard as if they want something. During her first pregnancy, I observe that she likes to eat coffee beans. The second one, I always saw her had uncooked rice full in her pockets and she ate them like peanuts hehehe. I have never asked her why for as long as she don’t ask me to look for something weird. Perhaps, the baby inside orders her that, I don’t really know becoz i trust it is the mum n baby inside communicating with each other.

Babies when they came out o the world are rather bossy. They normally gets what they wanted. Who would bear a baby’s cry? More often than not we find it as a nuisance especially in the middle of the nite. Sometimes after we attended them giving them what they want, they seems like teasing us with little chuckles.

The next thing we wanted is for the to grow up fast so that they can become independent. However the older they become, the harder it gets. After they have started walking and running, things becomes more rowdy. You have to keep an eye on them all the times. They ere in curiosity state that they wanted to try everything. Their self learning process started.

They started to become parrots and try as much to behave to characters they like whether they see it from the TV or the home family mini theater system, which apparently became their own actually. Many like to become the heroes and a few chose to become the villains.

Some parents would start to nurture their children to become doctors or engineers or accountants, much to their dismay. If they told you that they wanted to become a tol operator, you will be feeling very upset. Little that you know that they actually meant they like people giving them money just to pass through that little hut.

Children becomes teenagers and many would turn to their peers for advice than their parents who are busy trying to build a successful life or career. To keep them at bay, some parents resort to giving allowances that matches the salary of a clerk.

Unlike during the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s, children today were brought up by a maid or two. Parents were only the custodians. For those who couldn’t afford one, they will have them sent to a day care centers or full time nannies.  All for the best of the child to have them taken care of.

Some children will appreciate what their parents did and there are a few who thought that they were ignored. No parents would ignore their children except for those irresponsible souls that dare to ditch their new born babies in a dumpster.

All children must realize that no parents in sound mind would wanna see their children to grow and becomes a failure. Every parents will pray the best for them and do all they could to make them successful and most importantly happy.  Some were blessed with wealthy parents and some are rather unfortunate because their parents are not well to do.

Many children appreciates what has become of them from their parents but some will blame their parents for all their shortfalls. I trust the later is misrepresenting their parents. Tell me if there are parents who are not proud of their children if their children has achieved something, big or small. Some parents are good in showering praises and a few are not used to do that and rather do it privately in their heart.

As children, we must not misrepresent our parents. They love us all the same. We would not be what we are today if they don’t love us. We would be left malnutrition even when we were born. We might have always neglect the struggles our parents would endure to brought us up. I trust only a few of us really care about that. Many of us thought that our parents is responsible for us and must work hard to make us happy. Some really don’t care whether their parents are happy or otherwise.

I trust it is never too late for us to pay back all their sufferings and endearments. If our parents were long gone, all we could offer is our prayers to them. Alfatihah to my late dad.



2 responses to “Misrepresenting our parents

  1. Hehehe..a look from a different perspective…interesting 🙂

    • rozzdabozz ⋅

      c_gurl. living the world is very subjective…all we have gotta do is to enjoy life n smile always..cheers.

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