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Nothing rocks!

Why are you not doing this?

When are you going to complete that?

Who do you think you are?

Sorry. If I say no, it means no!

He is on leave, you gotta wait for him to come back.

Tunes I have always heard. Always!

Yeah! These are moments you would like to chide off when you have to face one. No matter how powerful you are, how rich you can be, who you knows, you will somewhere in time have to face this. Sometimes, you are the one who makes people like this. It is a fair world. You win some and you lose some. But some people seems to be losing all the time. I pity those souls. But I have seen many who encountered these for a very long, long time came out tops out of a sudden.

A school mate who has to go through dark ages for ages suddenly turn multi millionaire in an instant! He then turned to become a pauper also in an instant! Wow! I really don’t know how that happened and I hope I would not be in the same shoe like him! Subhanallah!

I came to know this guy who is an expert trainer in 7 Habits of Excellent People! Ironically he is not what he preaches!

I knew this women who always talks about being positive, but she has always been negative with her other half and always talks bad about him behind his back! What a wife!

Over the years, I have found an answer on how to combat all these. Rule number 1 – Stay calm. Rule number 2 – Stay calm. Rule number 3 – Remain calm.

Only this can help you from going through emotional stress that is hazardous to your own health. I rather have a healthy happy life with less money than having lots of money in my bank account worrying about every cents that went out from it. But who doesn’t want to have a lot of money eh!

The only thing I could conclude is that, nothing rocks, except when you want it to be.

No! I am not confuse! I will remain calm. Life as a therapist has indeed changed my life!



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