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Changing profession gives me that therapeutic effect

Many were amused when I told them that I am quiting my profession as a successful management and business consultant. Honestly, after 10 years doing the same thing, I have lost interest doing it. I started to hate writing business papers for clients as i find it monotonous. There’s not much challenge doing it anymore. Everyone of it is bloody the same thingy. I wanted to ride the blue ocean. Yes! I needed change to motivate me.

So I decided to enroll into a therapeutic academy that teaches holistic approach in giving comfort to people who wants it. Ala…klu kat kampung aku ni kira tukang urut lah hahaha…but no! I am not just that! I am a professional therapist mastering all kinds of massage needs. I have learned to blend my own massage oil and now learning to blend aromatherapy oils…woo hooo. I have started my small biz a home, helping close friends who seek comfort and relaxation. I have helped men who wanted to be men again. I have helped people who have years of constipation problems having their problems fixed on the third session of their therapy with me. All my male clients sometimes called me in the middle of the night telling me that they felt youthful again hahaha.

My mum laugh at me when I asked her blessings to change profession. She was amused. With MBA in hand, you still want to become a holistic therapist? She asked. Yes, I do. That was my simple answer and she supported me. My family has always believe in me and they have given their support. My wife now enjoys free weekly massage and saved lotsa money she spent on spa.

Many think that a massage therapist is a sex job. I detest to that! I used to find it difficult to get female clients. My approach has always been very simple. Knowing the gender of my clients is very important. Male or female, all of them wanted me to protect their modesty. As I am a trained professional, Only areas I worked will be exposed. I never touches clients’ sensitive areas and have never worked on them. That is why all my male clients were surprised that they had their manliness fixed even without working on their family jewels. They asked for urut batin but I don’t really know what it is. Massage itself is actually helping people worked on their batin lah kot coz it better your blood circulation as well as remedy muscles that had turned into bird-nest underneath the skin. A good massage approach relaxes the body as well as relaxing the mind.

I am happy. I am enjoying every minute of it now. Less stress for me.

I have also created a blog for people who wanted consultancy or my service on therapeutic massage at  I can be reached at

ahhh..i gotta go…some people need help now hehehe….






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