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Easy Peasy Hainanese Chicken Rice

For the rice

1 cup of rice

1 cup of chicken stock (u can also boil tulang chicken to make the stock, the longer the better)

3/4 garlic (slice it)

1 inch ginger (slice it)

1 fat spring onion

1 screwpine leaf (daun pandan la tu)

A pinch of salt ( but if ur stock is already salted, perhaps u don’t wanna put more salt)

Note: Some people would add vegetable oil or margarine. I don’t coz I don’t fancy oily chicken rice. But this is optional la. Klu oily, cholesterol pun tinggi.


Clean the rice, and then put in the garlic, ginger and spring inion, screwpine leaf and 1 cup chicken stock. Then masak lah.

The Chicken

If u rajin u can steam it. (Kalau sekor ayam ok la nak steam, tapi kalau nak makan sorang2, just put the chicken pieces eg drumstick(pilih la yg besar) in a pot and simmer it with slow heat. When the chicken is cooked, take it out.

Then, take 2/3/4 table spoon of kicap manis. 2 Table spoon of kicap masin, and add to it a few drops of sesame oil (sesame oil ni up to u la brapa byk nak boh, too much can ruin the taste sebab it has a very strong flavor). Add to them some 1-2 table spoon chicken stock.

Pour it on ur chicken and let ’em marinate for a few minutes.

Buat lebih la kicap tu so that you can use it to flavor ur chicken or rice masa makan.

The Paste

3-4 garlic

3/4inch ginger

1 fat spring onion

1 table spoon olive oil or apa2 miyak masak yg ader

4 drops of sesame oil.

Pound the garlic, ginger and shallot together. Bila dah lumat mixed with olive oil and sesame oil and give a good stir. Put it on, onto the chicken (not much eh). Paste ni pun boleh massage pada chicken yg dah masak tadi so that the aroma of the chicken can arouse ur taste bud bebeh.


U can take ur chicken stock, sieve it, and it will be the accompanying soup with ur chicken rice. Add a few drops of sesame oil if u like. I will throw in bawang kecl yg dihiris dan juga batang daun bawang.

Kalau hang nak lagi sedap, throw in some fishball and bean sprout (taugeh) dan taburkan bawang goring. Sure bogel punya kalau makan ahaks.

Tadaaaa…ur chicken rice is ready. Bon appetite.




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