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Being what we wanna be!

I am always astonished by kids! Yes, they are masterful when they dream of being something or someone. I always see kids being very creative when they wanted something. Even when they are still babies. Oftentimes they get what they wanted.

If they watched Ultraman, the moment the program on TV finishes, they will become one.  When they watched batman, they will take daddy’s sarong and put it on them as the batman’s caper. One of my nephews wanted to become a trash lorry driver because he is amazed that the lorry can squeeze trash no matter how hard it was. A friend’s daughter wanted to become a toll operator because they collect money everyday from motorist!

I myself wanted to become a fighter pilot but arwah abah detest my wish as he said I was not cut to become a soldier. I almost became MAS cadet pilot but a crash of an airline reverse my parents’ decision from initially giving their blessing to “no way Jose”. Being an obedient child, I abide to their wish. My son who did very well in his SPM, suddenly told me that he does not want to become an accountant we discussed while waiting for the result but instead told me that he wanted to fly. I was overwhelmed! He is now in an aviation school. Little that I know he actually kept the dream to himself after we flew to Disneyland, LA a couple of times. He slept very little during those long haul flights as he was mesmerized about how such a machine could fly. Another kids’ dream.

I can’t figure what my daughter wanted to be. All I knew, she always fancy working in a large office by herself. She’s only 14 anyhow. She likes to read and would ignore the world if she gets a good novel to her likings. She insisted to have the whole collection of the Twilight Saga novels when they became teenagers’ hype. Today she is into Koreans whatever. She even learn Koreans vocab and listens all to the Korean pop songs!

During my primary school, one of my good friend who did not do well in school have always told me that he only wanted to sell fish after finishing school. I was amazed when one day I met him in Kuantan and he actually became a very successful towkay ikan with cash coming from his pockets rolled only with rubber band. All he did every morning was wait for the fishing vessels to dock the small fishing port and he just chooses species his clients’ wanted before sending to lorries awaiting for his stock. He send his sale to Singapore!

There is nothing to stop us if we really pursue our dreams. I myself have achieved some but still pursuing a few more. I still have the passion to read law. I have challenged myself to read music and I am proud to say that I passed my Grade 5 classical guitar with Trinity College of Music, London. To that extend, I have also performed a couple of classical repertoire at my school’s guitar concert, a dream I always cherished and a feat I have dream for so long after watching some world class act when they were in KL.

So people, do what you wanna do. Be what you wanna be! Achieve that dreams no matter how hard its gonna be and it wouldn’t matter when it will come as long as it comes. Believe in yourselves. No one can stop you but yourself. Kids are not cluttered with risk or uncertainties. Life is all about taking risks. Generally only who dares would make it high at the top. It is hard, no doubt. No pain, No Gain; some says.



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