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Paul the Sotong

Awesome! This sotong is obviously godsend! He correctly predicted lotsa games in the recent World Cup for soccer especially the important ones.

I am glad the World Cup is over. I can now go back to sleep early.

Viva Espana. You have showcased what a soccer team is all about. Spain is indeed the team that is complete. Excellent in between the goalpost, great defence, master-skilled midfielders and good in attack (but cud have been better).

The Oranje proves their mettle with great play but sadly missed their warm-up matches display which they looked even sharper than what they have shown in the World Cup.

Sad to see Argentina went home early as Messi is indeed a marvel to watch. The superb German has shown how vulnerable Argentina defense was.

Disappointed with Brazil as it wasn’t the Brazil team we wanted to watch with its flair and samba skills. Uruguay stamped as the best Latin American team although they finished fourth.

Raymond Domenech should not have been the Le Bleus coach as he has proven to be a moron of sorts. The Azzuris tired legs and body proves that World Cup is not for the ageing players.

Kudos to Japan and South Korea for displaying Asian soccer prowess which made Asians very proud of.  Nice to see DPR teaching everybody how a good defense should be in their first match against Brazil.

Ghana were the most interesting team from Africa. Luck was simply not with them.

Kudos to the unknown teams that showed the big boys that there are no more smaller soccer nations.

The English team? They were playing against each other in their own team. The early favorites that made a mockery of themselves.

I am a fan of Messi, Suarez, Forlan, Honda, JS Park, Gyan, Ozil, Muller, Xavi, Van Persie, Snidjer, Robben, Villa and last but not least Diego Maradona! But I must say that I missed Zizou quite a bit!

Farewell World Cup! It has been a good showing!



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