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The Jabulani Fever

The football is to be blame? Ahhh come on. Don’t make it an excuse when you cannot win matches. I have heard a lot from the commentators in the World Cup about the Jabulani. It is almost round they said but quite light and impossible to dip. Many factors maybe could affect the performance of the football. The high altitude maybe? I dunno. I am not a scientist. Maybe when the ball is in flight it is affected. But I have seen some perfect crosses done but well free kicks still seen like the rugby players making their conversions.

Whatever it is, the whole world are actually enjoying the 2010 World Cup. Smaller teams seems to be able to match the more established opponents and we have seen some good defending by the less known teams. This will now motivate small teams yet to play in the World Cup.

It is actually a bit disheartening to see that most of the African teams that were not able to do well as yet. Playing in African soil, they started well but it seems that they still cannot match their opponents. Cote D’Ivoire looks promising with many big names but their display against Brazil reveal that they are not quite ready. May be Drogba is not 100 percent fit and his arm injury is still disturbing him to some extent.

Until the group stage is completed, it is really hard to see which team to lift the cup. Brazil and Argentina so far has shown what they are capable of but surprise, surprise, Holland is yet to show how potent they were during their warm up matches. The knock out stage will see more spirited displays by all the teams as that will be their last 2010 world cup match if they played badly.

So far we have also not able to see new talents but Ozil of Germany and Ziani of Algeria did reveal some of their beautiful touches.

Messi is a marvel to watch and every time when this little man got the ball, something interesting is going to happen. Messi to me is still the world’s most valuable player whether or not Argentina wins the world cup. Robin Van Persie should come close if he could display his goal getting potential like he did in Holland’s warm up matches.

All said, I hope the players can adapt well with the Jabulani  and not making excuse with it when they cannot play well.


2 responses to “The Jabulani Fever

  1. Can we blame Paul the Octopus then? hehehe

    • rozzdabozz ⋅

      I dunno. Apparently guesses it made was always right. So probably it cud have disturbed the players’ mind…if it cud guess who wins the WC, then this WC version should be called Paul the Octupus Cup! hahahaha

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