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Malaysia Young Soccer Talent?

It is wonderful to see a soccer talent like Wan Kuzain making headways in the US via YouTube.  While Wan gets only 3000++ views, a wonder kid from Algeria, a 6 year old Mohamad Madin gets more than 4mil views! Surprisingly TV3 only noticed this boy 1 year after his skills was uploaded on you tube. I trust more people will now be watching this kid on you tube. And I will not be surprised to see some politicians uttering some craps just to appear on TV to be seen. Hehehehe

I am not surprise to see how mesmerizing that kid was a year ago. To be honest if we watch kids playing in the kampungs we can see many more Wan Kuzain. Obviously Wan Kuzain will have the advantage as he is more exposed to playing with the mat sallehs at early age and that will nurture him into an accomplished player as he grew up. Hopefully he gets better everyday and he gets picked up by soccer scouts around the world. If he choses to play soccer back home in Malaysia then it will be the end of the road for his soccer dreams if he has one. Anyhow in Malaysia he could still make a fortune playing weekend soccer. If he is good looking, he stand a chance to make covers in the Malaysian entertainment magazines :-p

Almost every weekend I forced myself to watch the Malaysian league on TV while waiting for the late kick off of the EPL. I was always wondering why teams in Malaysia likes to play the way many EPL teams play. Where is the Malaysian style of play? During the glory days (again?), we play our own style despite having coached by English or German. It is not the hard running style where the defender punt the ball forward hoping for defensive mistake by the opponents for any goal opportunity. Then, it will be Chin Aun or M Chandran passing the ball to the agile and skillfull Wong Choon Wah making his chess like moves before passing the ball to the steady Mokhtar, Sharuddin Abdullah, Isa Bakar or the tall James Wong to get the goals.  The way they played was entertaining keeping the ball in possession most of the times. That was the Malaysian style. The Olympic 1972 we only lost to Germany by 3 goals to nil and we even beat the USA 3-0!

Even our local leagues were great to watch then.

The style we see today is obviously not of ours. It is too technical and little brains were used while playing. I have even seen teams in training and most of them rehearse their moves over and over again to perfect them. Honestly I love to see kids play in the evening and they can really express themselves like that displayed by Wan Kuzain. At least these kids were not taking orders from anyone except themselves. When they play for their school team during their early age they could still show how good they are because their school coach will normally use their strength to win games and more often than not the school coach also doesn’t know how to coach. Sorry for that.

So much said about all these, and although it gets very tired talking about it, listening to it, still we wanna say something just to brag, brag, brag. Same like Malaysian soccer, it will remain crap, crap, crap….unless and until miracles happened…



2 responses to “Malaysia Young Soccer Talent?

  1. Cosmic_GurL ⋅

    Awat tak letak the clip here bro?

    • rozzdabozz ⋅

      alaaa…budak kecik main bola je….hehehe where have u been hiding…i myself dah lama tak tengok blog sendiri hahaha

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