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Everybody Wants That Extra Income!

I really don’t know how! I have seen a lot of friends doing MLM or Multi Level Marketing but it isn’t my cuppa tea. I don’t fancy the idea soliciting the business to friends or strangers and spent hours trying to sweet talk them to join the fray. But friends who really work their ass in MLM has really make it to the top. They got free holidays to destinations they never thought of and drove cars they got free because they did very well and working doubly hard to make it big! A friend of mine told me that he did not regret leaving IBM as a system engineer and started the biz. He now earns CEO income! Wow.  I actually did sign as his downline but just to consume products from the program at member’s price.

After a few months we lost contact, I met him again recently and he religiously told me that he has also started another hobby of promoting a business website. Wow! With 0nly USD 10/month in investment he now draws about US50 a day! Amazing!

The business he mentioned does not need one to make cold calls to prospects and then meet them to promote or sell products. Thats great! The plus point is I can learn how to develop my own website and get it hosted globally. It is exactly I am looking for! So I registered and am using it for 7 days free now while I learn how to create my own website. As it is really easy, I can now teach people how to develop their own website and host it globally. I really thought developing a website is so difficult. It is bloody easy matey hehehe…

Ok if you are interested to know more, just go to and you would learn how. There are both Malay and English site for readers’ preference.



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