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My 1-minute salad

It was so hot today that I detest going out even to have my lunch. I was alone at home today. So to fill up I scour my refrigerator and found some salad, a carrot, a large apple, celery stick and a couple of eggs. I thought for a while. Ok salad should be good until evening. This is what I did.

I took all the green leaves, cut the carrots, dice the apple and celery stick and soak ’em in cold water from the fridge. I then take two eggs, beat em and make scramble eggs out of them. I fry ’em just a few seconds and have them el-dente. Next I drained all the ice water from the fruits and the leaves, dabbed them a wee bit on a paper tower and place on my salad plate. I then top them with my scrambled eggs, splashed a wee bit or virgin olive oil and seasoned ’em with a salt and ground pepper. Tadaaaa…just a couple of minutes my lunch is ready. Keep ’em a few minutes back into the fridge while I clean up the kitchen table.

Bon appetite!



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