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New Death Sentence for the World

We have heard of the many ways convicts were put through their death sentence. I have coined on this idea since I was a schoolboy but short of proposing to any authority. Today I have the cheek to try to make this idea to the public.  Anyway this might not help as it took a longer time to actually put the convict to his deathbed.  Anyhow here it goes.


The New Death Sentence – Tickle to Death (Geletek Sampai Mati)


Why I actually propose this? Well, by tickling them at least they will die happily ever after hahahaha….there won’t be any pain or sorrow…those who come to witness the sentence will also goes home happy and not haunted by the death scene. End of the day everyone is happy, the convict die happily laughing his way to hell (if he is really guilty) or laugh happily to heaven (if he is innocent)…howzatt!


So go think about it! Yay…it makes my day…






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