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New National Anthem for Malaysia, anyone?

It is interesting to note of the recent claims by our neighbours about the food we have, the dance steps we do and bla bla bla…

Living very close to each other and having crossed each others path more often, I thought that it is something trivial to even bother about…I don’t see it as an invasion of privacy or invasion of sovereignty. Let us not fight about it or simply b***h on it like there is nothing better to talk about. Never mind if so and so food belongs to so and so…aiyaaa…makan aje laaa

Kalau sampai tarian pun sampai nak beperang, ape ke hei nyer yob!

Anyhow, it is also noted that the Malaysian national anthem, the Negara Ku is said to have been copied the melody from popular keroncong song of Indonesia entitled Terang Bulan. When I heard that song I must attest that Negara Ku uses the exact melody with only new lyrics input into it. If the Indonesians brag that we took the song from them, there is no pint for us to actually trying to tegakkan benang yang basah. Memang lagu tu lagu keroncong kat Indonesia walaupun difahamkan the original composer is actually a Frenchman.

So why not we call all our budding composers compose a new national anthem for Malaysia. Buat la  rentak reggae ke, rock kapak ker, ska ker…aper-aper aarrr….janji orang kita buat…and make sure check the composers’ nationality dulu…kalau tak, sampai hari kiamat kang dok bergaduh pasal sapa punya intellectual property…apa daaa…

So YAB PM…amacam…if you read this…errr I know you wouldn’t, why not make this during your premiership become your notable flagship … Lagi pun lagu yang dok ada ni ngantuk aar dengar…soul tak de…kalau pakai lagu Barisan Kita pun ok per….patut la ahli sukan kita slalu tak leh nak menang bila nak start satu-satu game…nyanyi lagu Negara Ku pun dah ngantuk…tak da semangat….bunyi macam lagu jiwang jer…so meh tukar…tak de la nanti orang ni claim lagu dia…orang tu kata kita ciplak…letih la bos..

So I look forward for the change eh…


Lagu Terang Bulan

Barisan Kita


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