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Reel Choice for Surfcasting

Choosing the perfect reel for surfcasting depends very much on the angler himself. For anyone who is already accustomed with a multiplier would anytime say it is better than a spinning reel. I personally think that using a multiplier will allow the angle to be precise in casting his bait. Multiplier reels is also said to be able to allow the angler cast further. Well, I am of the opinion that there is no wrong or right answer. It still very much depends on he angler himself. Often times I have seen anglers using spinning reels and cast heir bait nearer to the shore will also catch gorgeous size rays.

I myself would prefer a spinning reel if I fish at night as I hate it when I mistimed my cast and had a birdnest. Obviously the faintest of light although with the help of headlights, torchlight, it wouldn’t be much of a help as the work to unscramble the birdnest is indeed troublesome. So spinning is my choice when I fish at night.

There are many choice of spinning reels but for a surfcaster, the best will be a long spool spinning reels. This not only helps you to load lots of lines but also helps you cast further as the long spool will let the line goes out smoothly. Unlike the multiplier reel, you don’t have to worry the time the sinker touches the water on every cast.

Using spinning or a multiplier reel, in any way possible try not to leave it lay on the beach as the sand that enter into it will overtime damage the reel. I have seen many surf anglers simply lay it on the beach sand especially when they get too excited after landing a fish.

It is also a good practice to rinse the reel with fresh water after fishing from the beach just to dissolve excess saltwater that may crystallize into some parts of the reels. This practice may help us prolong the life span of the reel.

Last but not least, choose a reel that makes you enjoy fishing. Fishing is a joy and should be trouble free eh…



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