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I watched in awe two sports last evening that is the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix and then the last matches of EPL.

I always like BMW Sauber team though they have not been able to catch up with the Ferraris and Mercedes and sometimes Renault. Don’t know what such a big name in motor sports has not been able to progress handsomely. Even Toyota has shown they are progressing well. Too bad that Honda decided to withdraw or else we could see the two Japanese giants trying to out do each other.

And then the news about the budget cap for teams to feature in the future F1 Grand Prix series (2011?). On the positive side we will see an even chance for participating teams to finish on the podium just like those of the A1 Grand Prix of Nations. Ironically it kills the sport and the business that is in association with it.

At the final matches that will be a decider of whether Hull City or Newcastle United be relegated to a second tier league in English football, it is indeed awful to finally see the Magpies has to taste the lower league football next season. Though I am never a fan of theirs, names like Alan Gowling, Malcom MacDonald, Keegan, Shearer, Owen to name a few has been instrumental to the team. Shearer especially must have become a legend with the club but he must have dreaded the chance of being the manager of the club when it has bid farewell to the Premier League of English football.

Finally, the income tax issue that will become a stumbling block for first rate players to come to England and play football and maintaining the current set to stay put at their clubs might become a setback for English F.A. English clubs will not be able to attract players with handsome salaries and this will also not go down well with the English breed of footballers as well. Days of EPL clubs dominating Champions league will be numbered. England team might be suffered at international levels. When the economics of investment in the clubs deteriorated, high profile investors will put their money somewhere else.

Nonetheless, come what may my love for The Gunners will not lighten. I have been with them even before the foreign legions come into fray and I will be with them even without foreign legions are in play.

Viva Arsenal!



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