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The Boxer

Nooooo…that is not what many would think!

I am not a boxer. Not even in the vicinity of Muhamad Ali or Joe Frazier or anybody to that sort.

I just love to be in my boxer. Comfortable and airy hehehehe.

Whilst in college my mates called me a naturalist coz back in our residence I feel so comfy with just my underwear on. Hahaha…I am not a hunk or have a torso close to one. I am just an ordinary guy who even would not arouse that gay who is also my housemate. Lucky me hahaha.

I have not changed a wee bit. Still am feeling so comfy with it even my kids have learned to live with it.

I dunno what my neighbors thought of me but whenever I am in my backyard I am not paranoid about how I am attired. The mak ciks might have opine on me but who cares hahaha.

Boxers made my day. It is brief. It is comfortable and bloody cool.



2 responses to “The Boxer

  1. Arrrgghh! Not you too! My neighbour has been playing her songs non-stop till midnight and it’s driving me insane! It’s like shes living in a disco!

  2. rozzdabozz ⋅


    U shud have called the cops to ask her to turn down the volume hehehe…I am lucky that I live around warga emas that has stopped partying though my neighbour sometimes pasang concert siti nurhaliza kuat2….but it wud be a trade off when i started banging my latin percussions…..kadang-kadang laaa hehehe… not really a fan of lady gaga..but i thot the acoustic version on that song is rather cool..


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