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Kotak Rokok Setan

The new cigarette packaging today really brings some positive effect to smokers. It is really hard to ignore it. Sometimes it is quite creepy when we really look at it.

I was paying my lunch at the counter one day when a man decided to purchase a lower grade cigarette just because it does not have those uncanny images. Another one decided to smoke kretek for the same reason. Some just ignore it and some will take the time skinning off those images from their pack.

Honestly I too don’t fancy staring at it.

One evening while having dinner with my buddy, a salesman came to our table and showed us a nice metal casing for cigarettes. As we were in some serious discussion we just decided to shove the guy away.  I was actually attracted to the metal casing and wanted to have a look at it but since we wanted to focus on our discussion we gave it a pass.

After we are finished and was chit chatting at the car parked, the same salesman passed by. My friend quickly called him and asked him about the metal casing she showed us earlier. After some negotiation, he purchased two of them and he gave me one.

Wow! Tak berat ke. I asked.

Tak pe. Aku gory la tengok gambar kat kotak rokok skarang ni. He said.

Haah! Aku pun.

Tak tahan aku tengok kotak rokok sekarang. Scary la beb. Macam kotak rokok setan jer. He adds.

Memang. So hang nak kasi aku satu ke ni. I asked.

Ambik lah. At least when I meet you I also don’t have to see the creepy images on your cigarette box. He was grinning.

Ok bro. Catch you some other time keep in touch.


Thanks for this.

No prob. At least kita tak payah hisap rokok dari kotak setan.



2 responses to “Kotak Rokok Setan

  1. rozzdabozz ⋅

    alaaa kita bukan ajak awak isap rokok. kita cerita je pasal kotak rokok…hehe


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