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The Idiot inside – My ranting on some

I came to know of these two so called retired (or were they expelled from their previous consultancy firms?) consultants when they were called by my principal to become part of what he called the think tank. Well an ugly tank they are obviously, one a guy with his walking sticks and the other a lady rambut dah macam botak sprayed a whole canister lot of hair spray everyday me think.

I have been listening to them in the numerous meetings we had and mind you they haven’t stop talking since the meeting starts and all they do is commenting on areas which were not theirs. When they proposed something no one could understand what they are trying to say. Pundek betul dorang ni.

Today the principal sms me and asked me to pass my client’s business plan for them to review. What the +_>#! They so terel aar. Harap cakap English aje berabok tapi upstairs kosong. Kalau mati mesti kepala otak masih brand new pasal tak pernah guna. Elok jugak kalau dorang derma pada orang yang nak pakai otak. And to respond to my principal, I told him that no way that I am not going to give it to them as my composition of thoughts are all mine which the client has agreed. They are not going to get that from me and I have already given my piece of mind to the principal. Dah la bila mintak claim on job done macam-macam alasan dia bagi whereas those idiots get their “gaji” buta right on the dot.

I now don’t give a damn of what he and the others going to say as ever since they are on board all they did was talking cock. Nothing delivered and nothing done. Patut la Tan Sri Chairman tu da bosan dengan dorang. Padan muka. As to why the principal is not taking action on this all I could say is that he has been too lame to do that. I know that only time will tell that he will soon be kicked out of the fraternity. I also hear that the majority of those bollocks are also going to get the boot. Even if eventually it turn out to be me I have no qualms as I know the client will have the final say as they personally want my team to be with them. Tak rugi maa. Good for my team at least!



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