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The Idiot Inside

Oftentimes when the nation economies turn bad, we will hear aplenty announcements to lay off employees. Unfortunately the victims are always the lower echelon staffs that have little say in the organization but were the most important foot soldiers in the army. The lieutenants often known as the higher ranking executives sometime known as vice presidents, general managers, director this or director that; would be spared the axe as they are kononnya the brains of the organization.

Having worked in many organizations, both big and small, more often than not many lieutenants or the upper echelon managers are most of the times  no better than their foot soldiers. Some clever ones will have a team of clever staff to help them in their everyday chores and like politicians they will also lobby for things they thought could make them shine. I have personally worked with these kinds of maggots.

When times are bad and companies need to protect their bottom lines, cost cutting measures are the normal avenues that will be put into practice. The company fat earners with imposing lifestyles will obviously not put them as reasons companies’ cost is high as they may not be many in the organization. However many of them earn salary and perks that could employ 3 or four personnel. Konon-kononnya mereka sangat penting while actually the foot soldiers are more important than their existence in the company. For example in a call center, the call agents are people who will always face the flak of the customers which most upper echelon managers in this department will choose to avoid. But when staff is reduced to cut cost the so call clever head of business will start thinking of outsourcing the business unit so that they will not look like a moron, and that will make them remain relevant. When times are better and part of an empire building exercise in the organization, he will probably request to have the unit back as he sees it important to own it. This is just an example.

At the end of the day being lower ranked personnel in any organization is generally not worth it as you don’t earn as much as the bruise you are going to get and your death will come both from outside as well as inside. It is best to work yourself up the corporate ladder than remain as a lower ranked staff. It is better to be the idiot inside than be seen and made an idiot.


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    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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