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I had a chat with a local Maths professor regarding the above. He told me that he is against PPSMI because coming from the opposition party he said he has to abide by his leaders. What a lame excuse.

I probe him and asked him very few simple questions.

Q. Did you get your professorship in maths by learning them in the Malay language?

A. No. I did not.

Q. Did you write and presented any of your research journals in Bahasa?

A. No

Q. Have you translated any maths text to Bahasa?

A. I am not a translator. I teach and read maths in English.

Q. Which country has the most maths expert in the world?

A. Not sure. India I think.

Q. Did India taught maths in Tamil or Hindi?

A. In English.

Q. Do you agree that the Jews has good brains in maths?

A. I agree.

Q. Did they learn maths in Hebrew?

A. Not that I know of.

Thank you matey. I have no further questions.

Some interesting notes I gather through time.

1. A university in Belgium teaches maths in Dutch when the native language is generally French.

2. I was in Iran and I see the younger generations are dying to learn anything in English so that they could be in trend with the world. They wanted to learn science and maths in English. I took the opportunity to teach them English while they taught me Persian as a trade off.

3. We should not argue why maths and science can be taught in Mandarin. Just figure the world population that speaks Mandarin and the availability of Chinese universities that uses the language. They even have their counting frame that is as good as an electronic calculator if one knows how to use it.

I am here not to belittle Bahasa Malaysia. But why do we want to bitch about trivial issues?  It is a known fact that English language has arguably the largest collection of  knowledge contents that helps short cut learning. Just browse the net and you will be able to rationalize the matter.

It is sad that some factors of the political parties have made it an issue that is not productive at all. This is really ugly.

Learning science and maths in English will not make us and our children a mat salleh. Knowing BM is indeed a strategic advantage and so is other languages of the world. Lets us be realistic in this please.

Just my two sen.


4 responses to “PPSMI

  1. Well said! Sometimes people bitch for the sake of it…Bukannya ada valid points pun

  2. rozzdabozz ⋅


    I went to SJI to collect my son’s SPM results. Syukran he is amongst the top achievers. I then went to asked the students of SJI and CBN what they think of PPSMI. All of them wanted PPSMI. What the heck is going on? I am just wondering.


  3. Alhamdulillah 🙂 So now busy applying to uni la?

  4. rozzdabozz ⋅


    Yeah. Alhamdulillah. Syukran.


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