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Why I Cannot Become a Politician

1. I have looked into the mirror; I don’t see myself have the cut to become a politician

2. I always sleep fully naked or half naked ( I know someone have snapped a pic of me sleeping half naked while in UiTM, so kalau jadi politician mesti kena sabotage hehehe)

3. I don’t socialize coz no money to socialize maaa…

4. I am not a burung hantu so I sleep quite early…if rakyat come to ask for assistant late at night they can get frustrated with me

5. I haven’t mastered the art of bootlicking….so how to be a politician?

6. I am neither a workaholic nor an alcoholic…I just like to sit and observe

7. I used to have many girlfriends despite not looking so hensem and at one time I do have 4 babes in a single period and occasionally dated them all in one Saturday…if I suddenly become a politician and when they see me, die laaa…

8. If I become an ADUN or a MP, I am sure I will be dozing off in the Dewan….so how?

9. I am very radical so I will tend to go against my boss wishes if I think he is wrong…koyak la macam ni hehehe

10. Hmmm…I think it is already to late lah to become one.



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