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Hari Kongkek Sedunia

I was at this roadside café in Kota Kinabalu waiting for my gorgeous associate Florence (bukan nama sebenar hahaha) when I overheard the conversation between a group guys discussing about Valentine’s Day.

No! I am not eavesdropping! They were talking so loud as if they own the café.

Since I have got nothing better to do, I decided to listen from another table.

Interestingly they termed the Valentine’s Day as Hari Kongkek Sedunia! Hahahahaha

You know what; one guy said, tonite many couples married and unmarried will be kongkeking all nite long.

Another one said, ya laa…first meet the girl, give a rose, go makan-makan, after that exchange love vows and then the boy will try to seduce the girl. If ayat baik can kongkek lah…they all laugh to it like hyenas.

I really dunno why these guys don’t have their girlfriends with them. They ain’t bad looking after all. 5 of them actually.

I dunno whether what they said have some truth in it as I somewhat agree with it to some extent.

I was having dinner alone one Valentine’s Day in a Thai delicatessen in Scottsdale, Arizona when the waitress asked me how come I dine alone a that evening of romance. I just told her that I just touched down and was hungry….and haven’t got the chance to pick any girl yet….

What time you finished work? I joke.

Pardon me? She asked.

I smiled at her and told her that I was just pulling he legs. Nasib baik tak kena penampaq hahahaha

Kat situ tengok orang berkissing-kissing macam tak dak apaaa aje…I must find my way to be in Paris the next Valentine, I thought….mesti best

Back in KK, the guys really had fun joking about Hari Kongkek Sedunia. They were teasing each other and making it a laughing stock. I was smiling when I heard some funny lines made by them.

Suddenly, Florence pops in. I heard cat calls from the guys when she was approaching. Apparently two of them are her cousins. I asked her whether she wanted to have coffee but she said we gotta bounce to some quiet space where we could have our discussion.

When we left, a guy from that group called me and said…

Bro…slamat HKS! I was puzzled for a moment just to comprehend the abbreviation and was laughing at myself when I managed to solve the puzzle seconds after…

What was that! Florence asked. I can’t stopped giggling and then told her that it was a Happy Valentine’s Day wish that was changed to Hari Kongkek Sedunia by them….

Gatal…that is all Florence uttered.



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