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The Making of Private IJN

UPDATES: DPM announced that the takeover will be postpone to a later date pending detailed studies.

The original post below:

It is interesting to note of the takeover of IJN by a big corporate giant. As all already knows the corporate giant also owns a medical center in Subang Jaya.

Making IJN a private hospital would mean cost to get treatment would rocket sky high if the same methodology that applies in the other medical center in Subang Jaya is adopted. The point is would the poor be able to find cure for their cardio problems at affordable cost? If they don’t where could they refer to?

I still remember clearly what a pediatrician told me once when my few hours baby was born and have some complications and then sent to a famous private medical center in the city;

“If your son does not respond to our treatment in 24 hours, we will have to send him to HKL”.

I was furious upon hearing that and I asked him why as I thought that medical center has everything, state-of-the-art facilities and first class doctors.

“HKL has the best facilities and their doctors are world class”, he said to console me.

That cools me down and I nodded with lots of questions in my mind. I took it positively as my baby is all that I am concern at that time. Alhamdulillah. A few hours my baby is out of the ICU and I religiously and cautiously carry my wife breast milk from her maternity clinic to the medical center every three hours. My baby gets better and he has grown to be a healthy boy. Syukran.

Visiting private medical centers are a concern to many who earn a meager income and does not have the appropriate insurance cover to help them when in need.

I come about one occasion a few years back when my friend collapse in his car at a fishing pond. Fishing were our pastime to distress but that night I somehow find my friend is a wee bit impatient when he doesn’t hook any fish. We have about half an hour to complete our fishing duration and he suddenly told me that he is having a headache. I told him to relax but he repeatedly told me that he had a headache. So I told him it is ok if he wanted to leave but I will continue fishing to the wire. I shifted to a location near the exit so that when times up I am all ready to go.

He left me passing by my new fishing station telling me again that he had a headache. He walks so fast and doesn’t stop at the check out station.

He must be having a bad day, I thought.

The next minute I heard a big bang. I was thinking that it is the sound of the construction nearby that works 24 hours. Suddenly I saw some of the people at the fishing pond were rushing out. I was curious. I followed them and I saw my friend’s car crashed into the side of a 1 ton lorry. I ran to the car and saw him unconscious.

So to make long story short, I asked the people around to put him into my car and rushed him out to a hospital. I don’t know which hospital to take him. At a traffic light I suddenly saw him discharging liquids from his mouth. I was freaking. I don’t want him to die in my car.

So I decided to take him to a private medical center in Subang Jaya to get a first aid. I drove into the emergency kiosk and told the nurse that he just passed out after fishing. They took him in and I went to his house in USJ to inform his family. When we came back to the medical center he was already ready to be transferred into the ICU. The doctor on duty called me and my friend’s wife and told us that he has a blood clot in his brain and must undergo surgery A.S.A.P.

Suddenly someone from the admin came and said that the patient will only be transferred to the ICU if the next of kin or family could pay a deposit of RM20k. Wow! That hits me! My friend does not have any insurance cover and obviously he does not have that much in his bank. I pull his wife aside and told her that they will make payment by the next evening. What else to say? My friend is in danger and needed that surgery as soon as possible. So we have to tipu sunat lah…hehehe.

After we agree, she sign some papers and my friend was pushed into the ICU. I told his wife I need a drink and I went to a nearby mamak shop. I also asked some senior nurse there whether we could transfer him to HKL and the kind senior nurse obliged to help.

While having my teh tarik, my friend’s wife called and said that the cost of the surgery will come to about RM40K! I told her just say yes and find the money later.

God is great! After my drink I went back to the medical center and the senior nurse said that HKL has space for him and wanted him immediately transferred to HKL for the surgery. The specialist doctor who attended my friend also said that there is ample time. It was about 3.00 a.m. We then check him out to our dismay that the medical center demanded RM600++ for ambulance, accompanying nurse and emergency aid. Holly cow! All ATM machine are shutdown at this hour. Luckily we have some cash and added up we got the amount asked.

So My friend were sent to HKL, had his surgery, gets better each day and the best news is that it only cost him RM800++! Damn! That was like 500% hike the private medical center charges.

I wonder how the poor people with no insurance cover and money could get the chance to be treated in IJN if they have cardiovascular problems. I have no answer to that. I really don’t know how the corporate giant can help if it see IJN as a business venture. Looking at it positively, probably it could serve the people better as with lots of money that can be pumped into IJN, the queue to get treatment could be shorter. More cardio doctors and specialist could also be employed and IJN can serve the public better.

Whatever it may be, I am of the opinion that it is time for all of us to shop for a medical insurance cover just incase we need it. What other choice do we actually have in this world of capitalism?



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