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Caveat Emptor

That is what the law says. Let the buyer beware.

I am indeed pitiful of the debacle that hit the people of Bukit Antarabangsa. No one would expect the landslide especially those who have bought the property there as well as those who chose to rent or lease property there. It has been about 15 years after the Highland Towers catastrophe.

I have been travelling up to Ukay Perdana quite often and every time when it rains I pray that I will be safe up there. I always detest seeing the beautiful hills around the area and Bukit Antarabangsa not spared being cut for housing projects. I always fear that landslide might happen and the poor house owners on the hills and down the hills will be at the mercy of the almighty.

Most of the time when it rains I will see muddy waters coming down the roads although the sight is still bearable. It must have come from the hills I thought. I always wonder why, after the Highland Tower fiasco and after calls to stop hills and hills side developments, I still see rampant cutting of hills all over the country. Yet when it is developed or under development many still chose to purchase properties there.

When catastrophe happens like landslide, soil erosion that causes buildings to collapse, a lot of people starting to point fingers. I think that is the most foolish things to do. While I pity with the folks that have to face this kind of misfortune I must say that they may have made some bad judgments choosing the location for their house although some what having the chance to live in grandeur on some hills like Hollywood.

Bear in mind we live in a very wet conditions where rainfalls are massive. Our hills are mostly able catchment areas where waters are trapped for our consumption. When we cut trees and when rainfall increases there will obviously spill downhill. With fewer trees to consume and filter them water will find their path into seepages and at the end of the day could become an effective knife to cut hills. Well I am not a geological expert but this is what I thought and I stand corrected.

I bet some politicians may use this to their advantage to create political furor about the whole issue. My only thought is this; Game Over.

Though this might rub salt to the wound of people who were victimized by this disaster, I still feel for all of them. Disaster can happen anywhere and I may not be spared if I am the chosen candidate to face it. My only hope is that, this time the Government must make it final, NO MORE HILLS CUTTING AND HILLSIDE DEVELOPMENT. Enough is enough. Highland Towers was heartrending and so is this one.

For us consumer, we have to be very meticulous about what we want to buy as the rulings of Caveat Emptor is always the best insurance the seller has to put us at their mercy.

I offer my sincere condolence to all the victims of the landslide in Bukit Antarabangsa, the Ulu Yam and not forgetting the survivors of the Highland Towers. I did lost a very good friend whose remains may still intact under the debris of the condominium.



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