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The Pursuit of Happiness – You Yoga?

I do not intend to provoke anyone on the issue neither I nak perlekeh the edict that was issued by the Majlis Fatwa. Flipping the other side of the coin it makes me think and started to research more about yoga.

I have a book entitled Yogic Cure for Common Diseases written by Dr. Phulgenda Sinha, Director of Indian Institute of Yoga, Patna, India & Washington, USA. Honestly I found the book very intriguing and helpful as it teaches many routine exercises for self treatment of sickness. Interestingly the book approach is somewhat modern in nature talking about timing, place to yoga, environment, resting, dressing, cleanliness, and diet, just to name a few. I did not come about any matra that was linked with the yoga practice.

I did ask one ‘pondok’ Ustaz who has travel the world to learn and teach Islam and is also a martial arts expert and he said as long as I do not practice any matra or rituals that are against Islam teachings it is ok. For the record that Ustaz had also told me that he was at one time went to study shaolin at a shaolin temple and the sifu sportingly told him that it is not necessary for him to do rituals or matra that is against Islam teachings. During meditation he was asked to recite zikir instead of the shaolin mantra. It makes sense to me.

I am of the opinion that the Fatwa Council edict was taken literally by many people. Those who detest the edict should not be jumping up and down showing their displeasure to it. Seek first to understand than to be understood (Stephen Covey’s in 7 Habits of Highly Successful People). If we stay cool and put a thought on it, we will probably get an answer to it.

Let us not make it a very big issue but Muslims should at least listen to the Fatwa Council as they are the scholars who are learned in Islam teachings so to speak. I trust they made the calls after learning about yoga. All we are hoping to hear is the detail explanations that could become reference for the public to understand it. This is to at least eliminate anybody to exploit on the issue to flicker hatred.

For those who are not sure what it is all about, it is best for them to refer to the Quran and Hadith and to learned Islam scholars who could guide us to the path of Sirat-ul Mustaqim. Insyaallah.

It is your choice in the pursuit of happiness.



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