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Girls cry….

It was around 2.30 pm when my daughter called from school telling me that she only gets 4As and 1B for her UPSR.

Congratulations! I told her.

Aren’t you upset? She asked me.

Why should I? I replied.

Really? She asked me again.

Look. I have always thought you will at least get 4As. 5As should be a bonus. We have to accept whatever the result is as we cannot turn back the clock after the exam. To told her.

I also got the best result for BM-Pemahaman. She said.

That’s wonderful. I said.

My daughter wasn’t one of the students who are hard working. Kaki lepak jugak la. Just like me while in school. I did not send her for any tuition as she does not fancy the idea too. Quite a number of times I would be called by her teacher saying that she always skip her homework. My other half was always pestering me to send her to a tuition class but I always buat-buat lupa aje. I know how to handle her as I did for my son. I would monitor their term exam and will always make sure that they don’t ponteng school. I will scrutinize their homework and the entire syllabus they have to cover. At night they will happily watched TV with me. Bila suruh baca buku, tak sampai setengah jam dah nak tidur. Normally the last two weeks of their final exam I will sit down with them every night and asked them areas that they don’t know. They would do well normally.

Anyhow, that is beside the point. When I went to my daughter’s school to pick her, I saw many girls were crying. My daughter on the other hand was jumping for joy. I went to her classroom and saw her smiling from ear to ear while her colleagues were sullen and some of them were crying. There was no teacher around. So I took the liberty to call all the girls to gather around me which they obliged.

This is not the end of the world girls. It is only the start of a long journey. Whatever mistakes you think you have done can only be corrected during your journey to the future. Whatever you have today should motivate you to strive better in future. Some of you could be late bloomers. Be positive and aim to become better. Please tell your parents that you are sorry for what you have gotten. All of you have worked hard and try you very best but somehow you must have done wrong somewhere while answering the exam questions. Whatever you have today is a lesson well learnt for you to become better. You have a new resolution and you are going to make your parents proud someday.

The classroom was so quiet and the girls were listening attentively to me. Some of the girls parents apparently decided to join us and listened to my geromal. The session was only 15 minutes long with some Q & A with the girls and some of the parents. I was relieved that there are people willing to listen to me. It was impromptu. I felt good and so were my small audience. At the end of it I saw the girls hugging each other whispering to each other of their renewed zest. They told me they felt so much better now. They could now go home ready to face their parents. I exchanged telephone numbers with the parents just in case they needed to talk or share thoughts.

I bade farewell to everybody wish them good luck in their future undertakings.

Abah. You make my day. My daughter told me.

Thank you Allah. That is all I could say.

All I did was delivering a speech that was borrowed from him. I am just an ordinary guy. I told her.

My daughter was just smiling and told me that she wanted to meet her teachers to say thank you to them.

Go ahead. I will be at the canteen. I told her.



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