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Same Bed, Different Dreams

This is kinda funny I thought.

Never in my life have I heard anybody dreamt the same dreams while sleeping in the same bed. Apparently this proverb is mostly used by the Orientals.

The closest Malay proverb to this is probably the rambut sama hitam hati lain-lain. But what about the proverb great minds think alike?

I am just puzzled.

This however happened to people who had infatuation with a culture in which they were not raised with. Many Asians dreamt of becoming Caucasians. Many have also use the outward appearance of the exotic to separate themselves from the common folk claiming that they are very civilized. Cultures are norms of shared beliefs and ideals and as such anyone who scoffs at it will be blasphemed by the majority.

In life, even if we were to flaunt our pleasure in different ways from the norms, all we need is to measure and moderate our desire to safeguard our inner motive or needs. Though it is important for us to think as we please, there are indeed instances when we have to behave like others, at least to camouflage our intentions. This is especially important in trying to win something from a set that is a total alien to us. Peribahasa Melayu kata masuk kandang kambing mengembek, masuk kandang kerbau menguak. Otherwise the same set would be thinking that you are a showboat and refuses to at least talk or behave like them and they will find ways to kick you out of the kandang.

Obviously it is always mindful to blend in and nurture the common touch rather than going against the norms. Once you know who the tolerant buddies are, it is time for you to share your uniqueness with them.

Ahhh…some said you need to be brave to dare being different. Right! But there are always a nicer way to do that than doing it blindly.

Just my 1 sen



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