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Ayam Masak Merah, Lala Goreng Cili, Kangkung Belacan,Telur Dadar

The other day my former form six colleagues decided to have berbuka puasa gathering in Bangi. Apparently this has been our yearly affair and time to meet long lost friends to joke about and catch up with each other.

I was at crossroads of attending it actually as this year I decided not to susahkan my in laws to prepare break fast meals for us. My other half did not yet have the chance to break fast with us as she will always break fast at her office before coming home.

Since it is a yearly affair, I do not really want to miss the chance to meet my former classmates. I was thinking very hard to choose either cook for my kids, buy them food or just send them to my in laws. I decided the first option against the others after consulting them.

I insist of finishing my meeting with my client early that day so that I could go to the hyper market and buy the stuff for my cooking.

Yes! I have decided what to cook. My children like chicken. My daughter wants kangkung goreng belacan and telur dadar. My son loves lala.

At 4.30pm I am the chef at home. By 5.30 I have to pick up my girl from school. My son sekolah pagi and he was dozing off.

Clad with only my boxer (panas lah kat dapur nie) I worked my kitchen utensils and the stuff I bought like a pro. Fuh! Pedih mata potong bawang. Eh! How to skin the chicken aar? All I did in minutes. Voila!

I figure that all the menus that I am going to cook will use the same ingredients. I blended the bawang, garlic, halia, kunyit, chillies, and a wee bit of belacan together. Fuh! Hebat rasanya. Macam dalam TV, I thought.

Next I heat the wok and fried my chicken al-dente. Macam real aje.

After that I took out my cooking pan and dash a wee bit of cooking oil from the wok. Throw in part of the blended items and the aroma was like my mak working her asam pedas in the kitchen. Bangganya. Lepas agak garing, I pour in some tamarind juice, add some water, tomato puree, chilli sauce and let ’em to boil. Finally I put in the chicken and stir them until sebati. I let them simmer; put a pinch of salt, serbuk perisa, chicken stock and tadaa, my ayam masak merah is ready. I cut a tomato into wedges; get rid of the seed and hias the menu la kunun. 10 minutes. One down. Three to go.

Second menu – lala goring cili. Ini senang aje, I thought. I heat the oil, fry the blended ingredients, add some chicken stock and threw in the lala. Ok. Api kasi besar macam kat kedai hehe. Add a wee bit of oyster sauce, garam secukup rasa, and I my lala was done in 8 minutes. Terel nyer hahaha.

Alamak dah pukul lima. Hah, kangkung goring belacan. Ini senang beb. I just repeat all the above and cincang a wee bit of belacan, thow in my kangkung and it is done in another record time of 5 minutes. Wanginye belacan hahahaha. Cis! I got to wash my hands with soap. Nanti 3 hari bau tak hilang.

Telur dadar? Well this is a breeze. Everyone knows how it is prepared. 5 minutes.

Alamak! The stove all sememeh with splashes of oil and chili paste. The kitchen sink need to be clear off with the utensils. Never mind I will ask my children to do it later which I jolly know that they won’t do it! Ahhh…what the heck.

Alamak 5.30pm! I need to wash up obviously. Later lah! I slipped into my shorts and my pagoda T-shirt and went to pick my girl. Abah bau belacan lah. Busuk! My daughter complain. Alaa..nanti dah makan semua ni jadi wangi tau. So I drove us home quickly and took my bath.

I told my children everything was served on the table. All they need to do is to eat. Nasi pun dah masak.

6.30 pm I rushed to Bangi driving like Lewis Hamilton. Hehehehe…7.00 pm; I knew I was lost. Gotta make a detour. Luckily a short one. Ah! Waktu berbuka. Luckily I brought some soya bean juice and a box of fig with me. Ok done. 1 fag and I should be ok. (Errrr…smoking is bad for health heh)

7.20 pm I saw my colleagues at table 808; beaming.

I called home to check my kids. Semua tawar la abah. My daughter said. Ye ker…hehehe…boh la kicap my simple answer to them.

Ahhhh…I’m relieved. While I am facing with a sumptuous break fast spread, I did not feel guilty as I thought I have done justice for my kids. They even told my other half when she reached home later saying; abah masak ni semua untuk tanje dia…. Mummy makan lah tapi kena boh kicap abah kata….



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