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The date with Merdeka has always been phenomenal. Every year Malaysian celebrates this day of independence from the British ruling based on their interpretation of Merdeka. Those who were born before Merdeka will truly know what Merdeka is all about. Those who grow up just after Merdeka will cherish the sweetness of Merdeka. I am personally touched having live in a country that is Merdeka. Every time I stepped into Malaysian soil after spending sometime out of the country I felt so Merdeka.

If we ask the children of today the meaning of Merdeka, many would say; “Ah, living together in perfect harmony”. There is nothing wrong with that actually.

I am of the opinion that Merdeka means being able to do anything to our believe is right and doing the right things that respect the norms of the society. In so doing what we think, is not clouded by believes of other people who think they are superior than us. I stand corrected.

Any land in this world has their independence before ‘aliens’ came to explore them for opportunities. The ‘sovereign alien’ would always thought they are superior than the natives and whatever the natives do is wrong as the doings contradicts with what the ‘sovereign alien’ believe in. As such the ‘sovereign alien’ will place what they believe to their advantage. Anybody who despise will be branded as traitor. As long as there are opportunities that they could grab, they would be adamant that they stay to administer them to multiply their wealth.

The indigenous natives would be treated as second class citizen by the ‘sovereign alien’. In Malaysia they are fonder to be known as ‘Tuan’ and their spouses ‘Madam’ or ‘Mem’. They will dictate every single thing that they knew except on religious and cultural matters. Smart Alec who tried to compete will be tormented. They started to divide and rule. When they see the natives were not happy, they made some of them captain of sorts and inculcate bad foreign cultures that is still avail until today.

Rich lands were administered by the appointed resident officers while the lesser ones were left to the indigenous rulers to administer religious and cultural matters. Tin mines and rubber plantations, gold mines in Raub and Kuala Lipis were ‘robbed’ until ‘botak licin’. The abandoned tin mines with land so porous were today gazette as agricultural parks tendered to farmers with high expectation on the yields from them. Fertile lands were developed into landmarks that become the awe of many. Farming activities in developed nations could create millionaires but in Malaysia these are mostly meager income earners.

Sick of being dictated and being toss like a water buffalo; the indigenous leaders of yesterday stood and said that enough is enough. The ‘sovereign alien’ still thought that it was a joke until they saw that those leaders were bloody serious. The ‘sovereign alien’ take it lightly and still thought that these people were very ‘perasan terel’.

Eventually the ‘sovereign alien’ succumbed to the force of the people and abides to the people’s vigor. Merdeka was set but with sacks of conditions. With positive attitudes, the fore fathers of Malaysia agreed. Obviously there are still good things that we could learn from them.

After 50 years, Malaysia are far better than many nations that have their independence earlier than us. There are a few nations that are 20 years behind us. Many of them still lived with borrowed money from their ‘sovereign alien’ who gave them the independence. They are still being dictated despite boasting that they have their freedom. Malaysia is blessed with strong leaders for 50 years and we need this to continue to remain relevant.

The aura of Merdeka this year somehow looked so blue. Two days to go and nothing seems to reflect Merdeka atmosphere. I was in Kota Kinabalu last year and the air of Merdeka was awesome. Come on Malaysian, no matter how bad our political scenario is today, the spirit of Merdeka is for us to relish. It does not belong to our lame politicians if that is the case. We are responsible to keep us Merdeka for as long as we wish and let us not be meek by the fools. It is never too late to recourse to get at least a flag to celebrate our Merdeka. Let us not feel remorse with our leaders today when they shackled us with their puny notion.

Mari kita kibarkan Jalur Gemilang! I am going to do it tonite!

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!



2 responses to “MERDEKA!

  1. Ure right. It didnt feel like Merdeka…u know how previous years ppl put those lil flag on their car, now i cant see any flag..i guess people just dont really care which is sad actually…

  2. rozzdabozz ⋅


    Very true. Many are just taking it for granted. Let us not be one of them.


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