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Guruh sudah berbunyi, kodok masih tidak mengerti

:Pilihanraya kecil Permatang Pauh bukanlah seperti perlawanan akhir badminton perseorangan lelaki di Olimpik. Jangkaan umum memang pasti the Goliath will win. Tiada siapa yang berani menidakkan kemenangan itu. Bayangkan sahaja ketika PRU 12, an unknown from the opposition could easily unseat calon BN yang handal ini kan pula DSAI.

But the most interesting fact that we could learn from this is that the popularity of UMNO has gone from bad to worse. Ini bukan satu kebetulan. UMNO mesti mengambil iktibar dari kekalahan ini dan sudah tiba  lah masa nya untuk merenung jauh masa depan UMNO jika masih mahu terus menjadi relevan.

It has been written on all walls the obvious action to be taken. It is apparent that UMNO needed the change. It is clear that that the rakyat has again sent a warning of what would happen in PRU 13 it seems. UMNO would not want another by election as it would not guarantee them the seat anymore.

The old school UMNO need to go. UMNO is bleeding profusely. UMNO is bleeding foolishly. You obviously need new leaders with new visions. The waves are indeed getting bigger for you to ride on. Your roots are decaying and soon your bereavement will be a joke in the hall of shame.

To the future leaders of UMNO make that call if you want to be counted or let it rot into your discourse.



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