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Bla bla blacksheep

I came to join a department after I successfully completed some very important exercise for the company I worked for. Little that I know that someone within the department was so envious of my feat that he had bad mouthed me to the whole division which I later found that I was being alienated by most of them. No one bothers about my existence although I tried to talk to them. I felt like the sky is falling all over me but what the heck! I don’t give a damn about it. As long as the boss talks to me, I am okay.

The first three months was so quiet and I was somewhat lonely. But my chores made me pretty occupied. After sometime I found out that I did not miss any of them or their judgment and their dislike of me. A couple of officers were forced to work with me despite their resistance. Many assignments would not meet deadlines if I depended on them. I became extremely busy as I got to multi task. I did not complain to the boss. The two blokes seems to be very happy so as the rest of the department staff. Anyhow, professionally my two officers missed their bonuses as during the year end appraisal I told them they have not met their KPI. They were unrepentant. I replaced them with someone outside, someone not from the department. While I do not want to sound condescending, I brought up the department’s KPI to a new level and was awarded a service excellence certificates with some goodies of course.

I started to make some friends in the department while my enemies were trying all they could to impede me. They started calling me a bootlicker but I don’t give a damn. I wasn’t trying to impress anybody. I wasn’t there to side step anyone. But I always wonder why I was alienated by them. After my first year in the department most of the staff has come to terms with me. Most of them told me that the perception given to them of me was wrong. I did not ask them what it was. I have stopped reasoning about what they thought about me even the few said a lot of comments about me, insulted my life, my lifestyle, my skills and just about anything else about me. One of them even deprives me of my promotion when he went all the way to meet the HR Director who is his best of friends and said bad things about me. That was indeed the last straw. I only get my remuneration upgraded to the next level but my rank remains at status quo. The most hideous news I got was that my subordinate ranks higher that me. Damn! This is insulting my intelligence. My boss could not do anything to rectify it. What kind of organization I am in?

I did not blow my top but I quietly sent in my resignation letter to the dismay of my boss and other bosses in the company. I just told them I was offered a new job with a new company which actually not the case. I felt so heart broken and bloody remorse but I was very happy when I also noted that my enemy was given the sack from the company for some gross mistakes he has made in his dealings. I thought that is fair and square. At least I can leave the company with pride. I felt like a winner whiles my enemy a big time whiner. I shouted inside me “freeeeedommm….” just like Sir William Wallace did in Braveheart.

Now years have past since that episode and it has been an important chapter in my life. I learn a lot of things from it.  I came to face similar  case when I was doing my consulting job. The first lesson I learn has made me more matured to handle the second one as I managed to eschew my adversary before he went too far.

Somehow I did bump into these people sometimes and ironically they have not change a wee bit. Masih sombong dan bongkak seperti biasa walaupun hidup mereka tidaklah macam mana pun.

Nonetheless I guess this is part and parcel in life. It is too bad I have to go through it. If I am not strong I might have crumbled and expire. The almighty is great. He gave me strength to face the mighty test.




2 responses to “Bla bla blacksheep

  1. PHD (perasaan hasad dengki) holders are everywhere i tell you! Rather than focus on how to develop themselves to a better employee and human being, they would rather focus on how to make other ppl look bad!

  2. rozzdabozz ⋅


    Cudn’t agree more. All we need is to be strong. I hope you would not havta go thru all these. Erghhh buleh sakit jantung…


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