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The Flip-Flop, flip flops

Funny isn’t it?

I detest reading any newspapers today as the news as reported today does not have credibility at all. This is a sad state of civilization indeed.

Sighting the sodomy case that has attracted even the US is one humorous case that makes even the idiot on the street looks very smart. The flip-flop report on the debacle has made a lot of people lose trust on every politician at sight.

The first very joke that I cannot tahan was when the accused asked for four credible witnesses that saw the atrocious sex act. Unless you are doing it in public then probably there could be peeping toms who could come to testify against the accused. Even then a jolly good lawyer would then question on the integrity and credibility of the peeping toms. Do you personally think a peeping tom is a credible soul?  I don’t know they could and may not be. These people could be mat pets who have not much things to do or who knows some pious chaps who are on their rounds to catch some poor souls who cannot tahan and decided to do it in the public? But this is just my opinion only and it cannot be made to justify what my thoughts are as I am in no position to prove them as such beyond any reasonable doubt. Get it?

More often than not wrongful sex is carried out discreetly hence only those who thought they are victim of circumstances or those being forced into the act would want to report. I am also wondering whether any soul would like to smear their good namesake telling the public that they are forced to do such an act.

I am looking at this as an individual through some logical sense. I am not passing judgment to anyone as it is the law that could decide such. No one is guilty until they are proven otherwise.

With this in view I am of the opinion that the newspapers and like wise media that are seeking profits would go all the way selling this kind of sick stories. Sometime these people act as if they are the lawyers and judges who reside on the case. The public were made to believe to the stories created. Obnoxious!

Let the law enforcer dwell on the issue until a verdict is reached. Let us not take advantage on this kind of issue as innocent souls like family members of those accused are put into a lot of stress. Lets us also not jump to any conclusion about the parties involved until and unless it is a prima facie case.

Give some space to everyone involved whether directly or indirectly to live like everybody else. Respect the law. Respect the officers enforcing and upholding the law to do their work without fear or favor.

Tolong lah! Please don’t make us look like ***holes by telling us stories that were fabricated just to boost sales. Acts of misrepresentation is by far an act of a misnomer. Tell us what you know not what you felt.

When we are used to flip flops there are nothing else that we read or listens make any sense anymore.



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