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UMNO-PAS dialogue – An idiot perspective

UMNO is a party of majority Malay fighting for Malay and Islam and formed the core of Malaysia political chain. Historically it leads a coalition government to build a multicultural, multiracial nation.

PAS is also a majority Malay party championing Islam and with its ally in PKR and DAP forming a formidable opposition front in the Malaysia Parliament.

UMNO’s popularity is waning very fast after the PRU 12 and unless it could clean up its image it will see this next three to four years its last chance to rule Malaysia together with its other component parties.

MCA, GERAKAN, MIC and other non Malay majority political parties can plot their strategies and remain in the mainstream and if they like, form an alliance with PKR , DAP and even PAS.

That would leave UMNO alone and it will at least give them a chance to clean up their act and a rebranding might allow them pitch a comeback if the PKR lead government fails to shine.

To add to the already boring stories about politicians in the country, news about UMNO-PAS meeting is somewhat another cheap thrill to divert the masses attention from the depressing economic carnage.

UMNO-PAS dialogue is seen as both parties trying to synergize each other’s weakness and then look at opportunities to make them looks relevant. UMNO is obviously the weaker of the two as many of its members or its non-partisan members are now showing their back on them. PAS on the other hand have somewhat gain on it and many liberal Muslim of Malay origin has started to join them and are trying to propose to make PAS a fundamental Islamic party as opposed to a conservative Islamic party so to speak. The new liberated PAS will be more attractive than the conventional one.

Nonetheless in this multiracial and multi religious country PAS would only gets vote from the Muslim. UMNO’s move in gaining back votes from the Malay via an alliance with PAS might work but it will only work if its present leadership is cleansed thoroughly.

Both UMNO and PAS is somewhat living in desperation. UMNO is desperate because the trust in them is fading. Meanwhile PAS cannot stand on it own as its cause is not accepted by the non Muslim. An UMNO-PAS coalition will however strengthen the two and they will probably stand to get votes from the Malay community.

If MCA, GERAKAN, MIC, SNAP, SAPP etc remains in the BN and fought tooth and nail with UMNO in the next election, PAS will become a deciding factor to let them gets a 2/3 majority again.

UMNO and PAS share the same wavelength although the former is somewhat quite liberalized. In addition the coalition parties within the UMNO led government value the Islamic cause that UMNO carries along during the 50 years of independence.

PAS could have found that staying in the PKR lead opposition subdue them from putting in their cause as PKR itself is a secular political party with multiracial members and DAP has never been PAS ideal date. PAS is somewhat a square peg in a round hole in the PKR lead opposition pact. While PKR’s coalition is seen as a future political pact that does make sense in a multiracial, multi religious country, PKR do not have the strength to attract the Malay community who still the major race in Malaysia. As it is now, Anwar Ibrahim bonds the party together which is also the main reason why PAS form an alliance with PKR and DAP. However PAS will not be as vociferous in the PKR lead coalition as opposed if it allies with UMNO as many UMNO members will have a soft spot when it comes to Islam.

Anyhow it is not known what is it all about regarding the dialogue between UMNO and PAS as there are so many perceptions and stories alike that revolves around this. Come what may, it is hope that Malaysia peace and harmony be kept intact and its people are blessed with wealth that can narrow the social gap.




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