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Facing the Economic Turbulence – Are we sitting pretty?

The recent oil price hike symbolizes the return of inflation and economic turbulence anywhere in the world.

Why has this have to happen? Who did this?

The economic turbulence will make the poor poorer and the rich richer. You go figure it yourself.

Why has the oil price got to be increased? The simple answer would be simply demand exceeds supply. But didn’t the world economist could predict this is coming?

I have heard that even oil producing nations are also affected with this crisis. No one is spared it seems. Millions of jobs all over the world will soon be vacated because demand for goods and/or services will decrease. Manufacturers need to cut losses due to high production cost. Traders will have to sell their goods at fire sale price just to make enough to pay off loans. Banks will start penalizing their customers. The poor will start to ration their meal intake. And those with deep pockets will take advantage on the situation buying cheap stocks, cheap properties from loan defaulters etc. Hell broke lose. Criminal rates will increase and peace will be hard to keep. This is a scary sight.

What would happen to us in Malaysia? Can our good economist think of something that could at least spare us the suffering? Where have all of them gone when they have successfully become our savior when we were facing the last financial crisis? I still remember how proud my economics professor told us that Tun Dr Mahathir has called upon all economic scholars in Malaysia to give their inputs to fend off the financial crisis the country was in at hat time. I trust the present premier knows about this and if he does can’t he emulate the same? I am just wondering.

Everybody is getting very uneasy with all this but it seems that we are being loaded with unproductive stories of who would be the next premier, the sodomy case, the statutory declaration case, corruption bla bla bla which I think most of the masses are already bloody fed up to read or listens.

Give us news about how you want to manage the economy la dude.

We have had enough of political stories and if you think you have the power to run the country then just do it!

Don’t just go around and tell us to change our lifestyle as we all know what to do to manage ourselves during this economic turbulence. But we need to know how you are going to manage the country’s economy. How are you going to stop corporations from retrenching their personnel? How are you going to control price hike. How are you going to ensure people could bring food on the table and could still pay off their loans? Obviously you would not be affected as you are not the people who are now living through thick and thin to face the expensive world.

Please stop all the political bickering will you? Face us like a man and we will see you in the next formation of the government via the next election. Otherwise give us good reason why we need to hang our balls for you.

We would stop all this bragging if you could show us how good you are. So prove it! If you can’t, give your job to someone else who have the balls to do it! This is the chance of your life time. If it comes out good you would be a hero and be remembered in history. Otherwise you would be remembered in history for some wrong reasons only you have the answer.

Enough said, I just hope all of us at least in Malaysia will not have to go through another economic misfortune that will make us look sad. We would at least want to see our children happy.


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  1. rozzdabozz ⋅

    Thx for the inspiration matey.


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