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Livin’ the Crazy Life

Dictatorship is the predominant political system in many developing countries. However, different dictators act quite differently: a good dictator implements growth-enhancing economic policies, e.g. investment in public education and infrastructure, whereas a bad dictator expropriates wealth of her citizens for her own consumption. (source:

The word “dictator,” is immediately always been associated with negative perception that defines absolute power, inhumane, cruel, untouchable, genocide, Hitler etc.

Looking back at Caesar, at the time he came into power, he saw a huge disparity between the rich and the poor.  The Roman leaders were greedy as wars made them wealthy.  The rich ignored the poor, and there was widespread poverty and unemployment.

Caesar is a self declared dictator. Upon ending the Roman Republic, he tackles Rome’s social issues by introducing programs to help the poor.  Among others he created jobs to combat unemployment, and giving land to poor farmers.  Despite being a dictator, he was concerned about the citizens of Rome and committed to helping them.

Caesar was exactly what Rome needed at the time when its leaders became corrupt and reedy, and the poor were suffering. To make a change for the better, Julius Caesar did what Rome needed to survive and continue to flourish. Without his leadership, Rome may have collapsed completely.  (source :

Just forty years ago Singapore was a war-battered British port on an island off the southern tip of Malaysia. Singapore struggled along until 1965, when it became an independent nation with Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew in firm control.

Singapore’s under Mr. Lee grew eightfold and became the envy of many nations including the well developed nations. The percentage of families living in poverty dropped. No one is homeless. Population has stabilized. Virtually everyone has a job. The place runs like a Swiss watch.

Mr. Lee compares Singapore to Switzerland, his model nation. Its Airlines aims to outdo Swissair.

Singapore would not be what it is today if not for Mr. Lee’s brilliance. He has interfered with every aspect of Singaporean life. (Source:

History has proven that dictator like leadership can make great nations.

Labeling anyone a dictator is debatable but it is all about perceptions, mind setting, mental block etc.

What matters is whether or not the approach would be bringing good to the masses. Nonetheless it is a weapon that could be used to assassinate a character.

I have always amused by the following story:

“When Josef Stalin was on his deathbed he called in two likely successors, to test which one of the two had a better knack for ruling the country.

He ordered two birds to be brought in and presented one bird to each of the two candidates.

The first one grabbed the bird, but was so afraid that the bird could free himself from his grip and fly away that he squeezed his hand very hard, and when he opened his palm, the bird was dead.

Seeing the disapproving look on Stalin’s face and being afraid to repeat his rival’s mistake, the second candidate loosened his grip so much that the bird freed himself and flew away.

Stalin looked at both of them scornfully. “Bring me a bird!” he ordered.

They did.

Stalin took the bird by its legs and slowly, one by one, he plucked all the feathers from the bird’s body.

Then he opened his palm. The bird was laying there naked, shivering, and helpless.

Stalin looked at him, smiled gently and said, “You see… and he is even thankful for the human warmth coming out of my palm.” “(Source :

This is not a mind boggling issue. It is just an attempt to look at things on a wider perspective.

Livin la vida loca!


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