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Malaysia ku tercinta

She was a brand that was hyped in so many places.

Well developed and famed for its twin towers, administrative office, airports and not to forget the food.

With multi racial lived in harmony she was built by a brave hero who was a medical doctor his enemies suggest him a dictator.

Defying those calls he made Malaysia a name even man on the streets in under developed countries commit to memorize.

He teaches the may to rule a developing nation to the awe of the leaders in the developed nations.

He did it in 22 years in premiership to the envy of many learned scholars who are morons alike.

The baton was passed to who he thought to be an able administrator but the joy was short-lived when devils psychoanalyst dictates the order.

The brand started to decay to the dismay of many souls.

Calls for change turn to deaf ears. Babies cry for price of milk rockets sky high. Servants get the nod to moonlight but the masses were asked to adjust lifestyle. Flipped here. Flopped there.

The nation was pacified with no brainer exposition.

Death beckons.

The brand deteriorates.

The nation needs to fumigate to clean the brain dead.

Malaysia ku

Negara ku

Kini beranjau dan penuh berduri.


2 responses to “Malaysia ku tercinta

  1. rozzdabozz ⋅

    Ko Yem Binjai,

    V 😎

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