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Sports spotted

US Open Golf

Hail Tiger Woods! Another vintage golf from Tiger Woods earned him another major. His precision is immaculate. His positioning is awesome! Am your forever number one fan Tiger!

EURO 2008 Soccer


France doomed! Simply not the same team after Zidane’s departure. Not as exciting as with Zizou around. Time to rebuild. Time to bring out the best from Ribery, Nasri, Benzema. What happened to Malouda?


Not the best team but has so far prove that big names will not always promised results. The underdog that may even emulate what Greece did in 2004. Game with Czech was awesome especially the last 15 minutes!

Formula 1

Finally BMW Sauber Petronas made it a 1-2 finish on the podium. I have so much respect for Kubica and Heidfield despite superior machines in Ferrari and McLaren. An exciting season with championship still wide open.

EPL – Arsenal

With Flamini and Hleb moving out and then possibly Adebayor, thought of bringing in David Villa would be a fairy tale.

But the Gunners need a fighting midfielder and a tall center half.

Hail Gunners!



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