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The oily issue

Nothing much can be done except trying to think about how to face the consequences of the price hike on anything that we used to spend on.

If I brag about it there will be people who will share the grouse and that will at least make us feel better.

The oily issue we are facing may choke most of us. I see many people are now suffering. I overheard a school girl said to her colleague when I went to pick up my girl from her school’s extra class.

Kita dah tak boleh datang kelas nadi ni lagi lah.

Kenapa?, asked the other girl.

Mak kita kata tambang dah mahal. Adek kita ramai. Mak nak buat kueh jual. Kita kena jaga adek dan tolong mak kita. Mak kita kata minyak mahal. Barang dah mahal. Ayah kerja posmen aje.

I felt like crying when I heard this.

My daughter told me that the girl is one of the students from her next class who worked very hard to improve her grades.

I do not think that this is one remote case that happened. I just wonder how many other postman children are going to face the same. What about other profession with a meager salary to boot?

I hear even executives drawing four figure salaries are also finding it hard to make ends meet what more those who earn less?


That is a common phrase we heard from politicians.

How could we? The pauper and the poor said.

We have lived this miserable state of living even before the price hike and what is there left for us to adjust? Do we cut down our meals? Do we now ask our children to not to go to school? What nonsense are they talking about? They asked.

They cut down the income tax? Hei! Even without paying no tax we are as good as dead! They cried.


Think? With no food on the table for our children you expect us to think straight? If stealing is legal then we would like to steal and live. One of them said.

Find another job!

Someone told us that now even the Government servants can do other jobs. Isn’t it the already overcrowded job market will be even more crowded? If we are just a clerk with the civil service and we registered to be a small contractor would we get the tender offered if our superior also a registered contractor and makes the decision to award who the job goes too?

Then die.

Die? That is a wise choice. How do we do it? Kill ourselves? Kill our children? Kill all our dependants? Or starve to die?

The oily crisis agitates everybody. Even the rich brag about it as it stunted their wealth and thinning their savings.

Have mercy for the poor. It is time for all of us share whatever we have with those who don’t.

I will be just as happy to make someone else happy. A small help to the needy could mean something very big to them.

Oil kills. Just figure it out.

No matter how much we grieve of its stature and unless we are filthy rich nothing is going to change any decree that is suggested upon it. It is sleek. It is an oily issue yet again.



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