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Sex and Encik Siti

I was a senior. Su (bukan nama sebenar he he he) was my junior.

Su was (still?) a sweet looking boy, fair complexion and petite. He looks like a boy to me. Yes! He is a boy.

I was trying to have my siesta when Su suddenly came to my dormitory.

Abang, Su called me.

Eh Su awak nak apa?, I asked him.

Su tanya sikit boleh tak, Su asked me.

Apa dia?, I asked him.

Su nak abang jadi abang angkat Su nak tak, Su post another question to me.

Eh tak nak lah, I answered him short.

Nak laaa, Su merayu.

Malas lah!, I told him off.

I was wondering why he wanted that. I hardly knew him but Su said I was always protecting him from the boys during the evening shower who tried to bully him because he was so feminine.

Siap berkemban lagi hehehe.

I was almost always there to protect Su because doing that I will get to mandi with him and that means I do not have to queue. Su will always let me mandi with him hehehehe.

Nak laaa abang, Su insisted.

Su abang tak nak lah. Diri sendiri pun tak ter jaga nak jaga orang lain, I told him.

Adik abang pun abang buat tak kesah aje tau, I told him of my brother who was also in the same hostel.

Su knows my brother. Almost everyone who knew me knows my brother. One of the top students in school and during prize giving ceremony he will always gets a prize or two while myself will always be those who would be asked to susun kerusi hahahaha…but who cares…at least I am doing a service for the audience to feel comfortable watching my brother receiving his prizes.

Su kept on pestering me asking me to be his brother which I refused profusely.

Eh kalau nak sangat boleh. Tapi every tea time Su boleh tolong ambek kueh and teh dak. I tried to use this to my advantage,

Boleh, Su kata.

Alamak! Sudah backfired. I thought he would not want to do that.

Ermmm…basuh baju abang buleh?

Alaaa…tu abang buat sendiri laa, Su kata.

Kalau tak nak tak pe la. Kensel aje permintaan Su, I said to him.

Gilos budak ni!

Su dah lah…abang nak tido ni. Pegi la balik dorm Su tu.

Su tak nak balik selagi abang tak kata nak, Su threatened me.

Ishh…degil betul la budak ni.

Dah la Su, abang kata malas, malas lah!, I got agitated with him

Nyampah lah abang ni!, Su got angry.

Nyampah la bagus. Skarang pegi balek dorm lepas tu tido ye Su.

Su tarik muka masam, moncong panjang macam cencurut dan blah dari katil aku yang empuk tu.

I started to avoid him. Mandi pun dah tak sama dah. Biar lah budak-budak tu buli dia sikit-sikit. Su pulak bila selisih dengan aku, dia tersenyum-senyum macam perempuan. Geng-geng Su pun lembut-lembut macam dia jugak.

Luckily it was my final year. Next year I will not be seeing Su.

Years later…

Someone pat on my back! Tak kenal I ke.

Siapa?, I asked

Alaaa ni yang nyampah ni…Su la…

Alamak! Apasal pulak dia ni dah macam perempuan.

We went for a teh tarik to the eyes of so many nosey parkers.

We catch up with the lost time and Su told me everything about himself. He is very much a man inside but very feminine outside. Su is now married with 1 kid. Wow!

Engkau ke yang branak Su, I joked.

Benci la abang nie, Su protested

Before we bade farewell to each other Su asked a question.

Abang boleh jadi abang angkat Su dak?


Nak kena penampak!

Su started laughing like a hyena.

Cis Encik Siti ni!

Plepakkk! Nyampah la abang ni.

Su tampar my shoulder and continued to laugh like a hyena.

Su and I are still good friends and thanks Su for letting me put this on my blog.



4 responses to “Sex and Encik Siti

  1. Hahaha…haiyoo..meremang my bulu roma..Iskh!

  2. rozzdabozz ⋅


    That’s life….hehehe


  3. Sex and Encik Siti? A Malaysian version of sex and the city ke?

  4. rozzdabozz ⋅


    I have not watched even a single episode of Sex and the City pasal actress dia semua tua-tua lah hehehe..

    And no. It is not a Malaysian version whatsoever. It was just a coincident.


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