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Lick my Kote

I was at one fast food restaurant with my kids one night to have dinner while waiting for my other half to finish work at a nearby building. There weren’t too many people dining but all order counters were occupied. I guess most of them were ordering dinner to be taken home.

The environment was calm with diners’ chatting away. I saw a group of students at a corner. There were four boys and three girls, giggling to probably college gossips.

The order counter was busy I see. I hear calls for orders to the kitchen staff. Somewhat disturbing but I guess that’s motivates them.

“Hei! They are not working in a funeral parlor dude. “I told myself.

My kids were enjoying their food.

“Which kid doesn’t like fast food?” I asked myself.

Suddenly I heard a big noise!

All diners ran out of the restaurant like they just saw some ghost.

A few of them hid themselves under the table.

Then I saw a commotion between the college boys. One guy was holding a chair ready to smash the one in front of him.

They were jolly minutes ago and suddenly all hell broke lose.

I was still seated. So were my kids.

The next minute I saw these boys were chasing each other. Their girl friends were crying asking them to stop.

I still buat derkkk aje

Suddenly one of them threw an empty cup and nearly kena my girl.

I got agitated with that.

I yelled at the boy and curse him…p*#^&*|!

The next minute two of them were already in front of me.

I am dead worried that they will hurt my kids.

I shielded them behind me.

As I do not want to create a scene, I asked them what the %*#$ they wanted. I think they were drunk as they smell like they just have had a glass too many (pinjam incik lingam punya sikit…boleh).

Seconds later both of them were already on the floor. One had a bleeding nose. The other had a bad cut on his lips.

A man suddenly grabbed my collar. As I turn to whack him he flashed his ID and said that he is a cop.

“Eh apa ni”, I asked.

“Awak pukul orang ye. Samseng ke”, he accused me.

Luckily the store manager came and explained everything to him.

My eyes were wandering looking for my kids. Ah! They were at a corner still eating their potato fries as if nothing had happened. Apparently one store assistant pull them to the corner when the two boys came face to face with me. The store assistant gave them more potato fries just to divert their attention from the situation I was in.

“Bagus jugak awak ni ye” and I thank him.

The store manager tapau for me all the orders that we were having with new sets. My kids were beaming.

I left the store and lick my kote. But during the bout I did not use one.

Hahahaha…for those of you who do not know, KOTE is a special glove that covers the hands. It is used in hand combat especially in Kendo, karate, taekwondo etc.



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