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Pissed off by 7/11

“Tak de duit kecik ke”…asked the store assistant.

This is not an uncommon statement I hear from many 7/11!

It really pissed me off. I don’t know whether this is a policy by the store as the same statement was heard every time someone flashed their Rm50 bill or the store assistant really do not have the change. Nonsense!

Any store/shops would love to see goods from their shelves move out as fast as they could and bring in cash to the business. With attitude like what always 7/11 does I would say that whoever practice this must be a fool.

But I am still wondering more 7/11 store are being  set up although this practice can even be heard in small town like Endau, Rompin. I want to conclude that this standard answer must be a standard operating procedure of 7/11 as I have always heard this many times from many 7/11 and have experienced it all the time I wanted to pay with a RM50 bill.

Even the mak cik jual nasi lemak tepi jalan pun ada change for RM50 if you went to buy her nasi lemak just after she finished unpacking her spread to start the days business.

I am now putting 7/11 as my last choice to buy the little-little stuff that I need urgently as I would rather seek for mamak shops or kiosks in gas stations though I know some of 7/11 stores have taken over Destina.

Enuff said. There is no point talking about this anymore as I want to put my rave to rest.


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