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Replicating the Greats

Great men will be long remembered.

Many people like to emulate great men or women. Little that they knew that the unique greats are always looks better, sounds better, and is more original that what comes after that. The original ABBA is better than the ABBA that was reborn. We will not be able to see Tun Mahathir’s clone to succeed him. To become another great, one will need to double or triple the former greats’ feat to erase them of their past achievements.

Do not imitate just like many did. One need to take the route that is less travelled to be inventive. The first man to the moon made historical breakthrough. The next man went on the same mission was a forgotten few.

Imitation is an art of “the copying of a novel or otherwise improbable act or utterance, or some act for which there is clearly no instinctive tendency” –Thorpe, W.H. (1963). “Learning and Instinct in Animals”; London, Methuen.

Chimpanzee imitates. Human could choose not to. When we imitate we are staying inside the “box”. Putting our self into isolation will deprive us from collating valuable information that could pose more dangers to us than shielding our self. We will become an easy prey. Our action is always predictable.

Everyone should not accept roles that the masses try to impose on them. One must create his own identity and draws the public attention while continuously excites them. Be yourself and never let the masses dictate you. Become a civil citizen and a bloody efficient one!


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