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Making Choices…Living the Dreams

Choices are often decisions that we made based on our thought or beliefs. It comprises the mental process that judges the merits of the many options we are having.

Most if not all of us will regard having choices as a good thing although sometimes the options are limited or we are just lost for it because of some restrictions hence creating an unsatisfactory outcome. Wrong choice could lead to confusion, regrets or disillusioned. Depending on personality it could haunt us or it could become a good learning process to some of us.

Sometimes choices were made with great admiration and many were also made via immense scarification. When we thought we have made the right choice it could instead a wrong one made. Making a choice is somewhat very difficult sometimes.

Like it or not, consciously or subconsciously, we make our choices everyday.

When I choose to quit my day job, there were lots of sacrifices that I have made. Even for that matter my family was also forced to scarify. Like it or not abundance of adjustments in our life was made. Many thought I made a wrong choice but I am adamant that I made a right one. I did it because I needed the new challenge. I did it because I want to make myself even better than I was before. I did it because I knew I will only get what I wanted in life if I work for me.

The journey nevertheless is not without bounteous failures. What I thought was the right choice turnout to be otherwise. But I get wiser overtime. Things get better though I still make mistakes with my choices. Sometime, repeating the same mistakes. It is like a boxing match when you try very hard to avoid the punches yet you still got a jab or fifteen depending on your perseverance to win the match. You got to be very strong physically and mentally to sustain the bout. You must stand up every time you fall. Just like Rocky Balboa. It is not about pride. It is about standing up and continues to live and fight until you are declared the winner. I am still in the boxing match and have been growing from strength to strength. I am winning as I see it but not yet….not yet…(borrowing words from the gladiators hehehe).

The unwavering choice that I made would not be a wrong one after all, I thought. I cannot fail. That is my simple motto. Even if I have reached the wall, all I could do is to climb it over. There is only one way. Yes! The only way is up!

Anyhow, just to be realistic…”kita hanya merancang dan berusaha…tapi Allah yang menentukan. Amin”

I am now very happy and incredibly inspired!

I hope you all do.



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