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For the love of a cat

This is interesting. I was driving home when my associate called.

” Bro. Where are you?” he asked

“On my way back la” I replied

“Whats up” I asked

“Lama lagi ka mau sampai rumah” dia tanya

“15 minutes the most” I said

“Apasal” saya tanya lagi

“Hang ada cangkul dak” dia habaq mai

“Wei! Nak buat apa dengan cangkul” I tanya

“Mau tanam pokok kaa” I tambah lagi

“Takde…kucing gua meninggal laa” dia bilang dengan nada sedih

“Ye kee” saya terkejut

“Kucing tu meninggal apasal. Dia terjun condo ke” saya mengusik

“Tak lah. Dia meninggal sakit buat pinggang” kawan saya beritahu

“Alamak. Macam mana lu tau” i tanya dia

“Doktor cakap. Dah tiga bulan dah dia sakit” he said

“Ye ke. Kesiannya” I sympahtize

“Ye la…balik OBW wa tengok dia semacam aje. Terus wa anta dia kat hospital” dia kata

“Wa kat hospital (clinic vet dia lah tu) ni. Nak claim dia punya remains” he uttered

“Oooooo” I agrees

“So pinjam cangkul lah nak kebumikan dia” dia bilang lagi

“Fulaweiiii” I enthuses

“Kat mana tu” I asked

“Alaa kat tepi semak kat padang bola tu aje” he said

“ok lah. Just come over” I offered him

“Ok” he said and we hung up.

I am touched. Well I did bury my dead kitten a few years back at my back yard but learning that my friend took the trouble to send his cat to the vet when it was sick was commendable. All this while I knew he has two cats and they stayed in one of the rooms in his penthouse. And whenever he goes outstation he will send the cats to a nursery. His cats never touches ground. They stayed in the condo since birth. But it is the second time that I have known a cat died of sakit buah pinggang. The first case that I knew was when my neighbour told me that one of his cats (this one got 20 cats living with him..fuh) got cancer payu dara hehehe….when he told me I felt like laughing but I knew it is not a laughing stock as far as cat lovers are concern.

I used to have cats too and what amazed me was that whenever I went to work I will send my kids and my cats to my inlaws and amusingly when I went to pick them up in the evening the cats will come running from wherever they were and jumped into my car wanting to go home. How amazing!

To all cat lovers, I salute you!



2 responses to “For the love of a cat

  1. rozzdabozz ⋅


    woooo…..banyaknye kucing…

    eh btw…dunno whether this hypothesis is true or otherwise. It seems that cats lovers susah dapat jodoh tau….ironically two of my neighbours suka kucing…belum kawin…adik I suka kucing pun belum kawin…yg i cerita bela kucing sampai 20, lama baru kawin…ermmm you? hehehehe….alamakkk….superstition…

    tapiii…jodoh pertemuan ditangan tuhan kan…no worries…you will get your match soon…aminnn

    all your cats lives with you ke in your apartment?


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